Vocabulary. antenna [æn'tenə] n pound (£) [paund] n


antenna [æn'tenə] n pound (£) [paund] n

building ['bıldıŋ] n radiator['reɪdɪeɪtə] n

central heating roof[ruːf] n ,

curtain ['kɜːt(ə)n] n , side [saɪd] n

cushion ['kuʃ(ə)n] n standard-lamp ['stændəd]

factory ['fækt(ə)rı] n , station [steıʃn] n ,

file[faɪl] n , toilet ['tɔɪlət] n ,

file v , underground ['ʌndəgraund]

fire['faɪə]n , , week [wi:k] n

fireplace ['faɪəpleɪs] n , per week

flower ['flauə] n but [bʌt] conj , ,

mail box because

mirror ['mɪrə] n cosy ['kəuzɪ] adj ,

neighbour ['neıbə] n each [iːʧ] ,

paper['peıpə] n , on each side of

people ['pi:pl] n , oval ['əuv(ə)l] adj

downstairs ['daun'stɛəz] ,

upstairs [ʌp'stɛəz] ,

on the extreme [ɪks'triːm] right


Ex. 2. , , :


1. There is a flower on the table. 2. There are a lot of busy men at the factory. 3. Look at the fire. 4. Our neighbours are upstairs in their flat. 5. There is a kitchen, two bedrooms, a living-room, a bathroom and a toilet in our flat. 6. How much money has he got? 7. There are a lot of interesting articles in the magazine. 8. There is no central heating here. 9. File these papers, please. 10. There is a radiator in each room. 11. There are two fat cats on the bed. 12. There are no cushions on the sofa. 13. Is there a curtain at the window? 14. Is there an antenna on the roof? 15. There is no mailbox near the building. 16. Is there a mirror here? 17. Are there any people in the street now? 18. It is £ 20 per week. 19. There arent any papers in the file. 20. There isnt a fireplace in my house. 21. There is no underground in our town. 22. There are some men at the map. 23. In this picture my brother is on the extreme right. 24. There is an armchair on each side of the sofa. 25. My new flat is very cozy. 26. I havent got a standard-lamp in my living-room but Ive got two small lamps above the armchairs. 27. They are at the station now.


Ex. 3. :


. Look at this picture. This is a classroom. There is not much furniture in the room. There are some desks in the classroom. There is a blackboard on the wall. Is there a clock on the wall? Yes, there is a clock on the wall. Is there a table in the classroom? Yes, there is. Where is it? It is near the blackboard. Are there any words on the blackboard? No, there are not. There are not any words on the blackboard. Is there a chair in the classroom? Yes, there is. Where is it? It is near the table. Are there any students in the classroom? No, there are no students in the classroom.


B. .


Ex. 4. :


Look at this office. There are two desks and two chairs in this office. There are some papers on the desk. There is a shelf near the door and there are some books on the shelf. There are some files on the shelf. There is a telephone on one of the desks. The walls and the windows in the office arent very clean. There arent any flowers in this office. There arent any people there but there is a woman at the door.


Ex. 5. , :


Lets have a look at our living-room. Its large and comfortable. There is much furniture there. Opposite the door theres a big piano. Theres a bookcase next to the piano. On the right theres a fireplace. Theres an armchair on each side of the fireplace. Opposite the fireplace theres a small table with some newspapers on it. Near the table theres a small chair. On the extreme right theres a TV-set. Theres a comfortable sofa on the left. There are two red cushions on the sofa. Theres a standard-lamp near the sofa. There are two pictures and a big oval mirror on the wall. On the floor theres a big carpet. Our living-room is light because there are two large windows in it. There are nice white curtains at the windows. The room is very cozy.


Ex. 6. , :


Our flat is very nice. Its in Chelsea. Its got two rooms: a living-room and a bedroom. The living-room is very big and it has got a balcony but the bedroom is small. Theres a kitchen and a bathroom. The bathroom is a beautiful room with a big window and a balcony, but the kitchen is rather small. The flats got central heating. Its £ 40 per week.

The flat is near a park and its near the shops. The underground station is five minutes walk. We are very happy here.

Our neighbours are very nice. They are Jane and Bill Robinson. They are in the flat downstairs. Jane is a doctor at a hospital and Bill is an engineer at a factory.


Ex. 7. , . True [truː], False [fɔːls] :


1. The flat is in Chelsea.

2. Its got three rooms: a living-room and two bedrooms.

3. The living-room is very big.

4. Theres a kitchen and a bathroom.

5. The bathroom is a beautiful room with a big window and a balcony.

6. The flats got no central heating.

7. Its £ 50 per week.

8. The flat is near a park and its near the shops.

9. Jane and Bill Robinson are in the flat downstairs.

10. Jane is an engineer at a factory and Bill is a doctor at a hospital.


Ex. 8. , :


Agent: This is a nice flat, Miss Wilkins. Heres a plan.

Miss Wilkins: Mmm...

Agent: Theres a living-room. Theres a kitchen, a bedroom and theres a toilet.

Miss Wilkins: Is there a balcony?

Agent: No, there isnt.

Miss Wilkins: ...and a telephone?

Agent: No, there isnt a telephone. Well, heres the kitchen.

Miss Wilkins: Hmm... its very small.

Agent: Yes, it isnt very large, but theres a table and a fridge. There are some cupboards under the sink.

Miss Wilkins: Are there any plates?

Agent: Yes, there are.

Miss Wilkins: Good. Are there any chairs in here?

Agent: No, there arent, but there are some in the living-room.

Miss Wilkins: Hmm. There arent any glasses!

Agent: Yes, there are! Theyre in the cupboard.

Miss Wilkins: ...and ... er ... wheres the toilet?


Ex. 9. . . 8.


Is there a cooker in the kitchen? Is there a lift in the building? Is there a TV antenna on the roof? Is there a radiator in every room? Is there a mailbox near the building? Are there any pets in the building? Are there any children in the building? How many rooms are there in the flat? How many floors are there in the building? How many windows are there in the living-room? How much furniture is there in the flat?


Ex. 10. .


Ex. 11. there is, there are, this, the:


1. ... a lot of trees in our street. ... trees are old and big. 2. ... a theatre in our town. ... theatre is near the cinema. 3. ... is my brother. He is an engineer. 4. ... no money in the box. 5. Sorry, ... no people in the office now. 6. ... is my new flat. ... three rooms in it. 7. ... hospital is opposite bank. 8. ... is Apple Street. ... a lot of offices in it. ... building at the end of the street is my office. 9. Where is ... cushion?


Ex. 12. some, any, no:


1. There are ... flowers in our neighbours garden but we havent got ... in our garden now. 2. Theres ... bread on the table, but there isnt ... milk there. 3. Is there ... paper on the desk? No, there isnt ... . 4. Are there ... pictures in this book? Yes, there are ... . 5. We havent got ... meat. Fetch ... please. 6. There is ... carpet in our bedroom but there is one in the living-room. 7. There is ... cheese on the table. Take ... cheese from the fridge. 8. Ive got ... interesting books to read. 9. Have you got ... money? Yes, I have ... . 10. There are ... magazines here, but there are ... on that shelf. 11. Have you got ... new newspapers? No, I havent got ... .


Ex. 13. , :


There are four pictures on ... (1) walls and ... (2) mirror. There are three people in ... (3) room, ... (4) man, ... (5) woman and ... (6) girl. Theres ... (7) nice fireplace and ... (8) cat is in front of ... (9) fire. Theres ... (10) lamp near ... (11) window, and ... (12) clock on ... (13) wall near ... (14) mirror. Theres ... (15) flower on ... (16) TV set and there are some newspapers on ... (17) floor near ... (18) TV set. Theres ... (19) glass of ... (20) wine in front of ... (21) man.



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