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Apokoinu constructions

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(the omission of the pronominal / adverbial connective, that creates a blend of the main and subordinate clauses so that the predicate or the object of the first one is simultaneously used as the subject of the second one, as in “There was a door led into the kitchen”(Sh.A.), thus the impression of clumsiness of speech is produced);

Detachment: singling out a secondary member of a sentence: “She was crazy about you. In the beginning.

Attachment: The second part of the utterance is separated by a full stop from the first as if in afterthought: “a lot of mills. And a chemical factory. And a Grammar school. And a war memorial…”

INVERSION is based on the partial or complete replacement of the lg. elements and violation of the word order: “Women are not made for attack. Wait they must” (J.C.)

Suspense is a deliberate postponement of the completion of the sentence: “Of all my association, of all my old pursuits and hopes, of all the living and the dead world, this one poor soul alone comes natural to me” (D.)

A RHETORICAL QUESTION is a statement semantically, as it is not meant to be answered directly and is used to attract attention of the readers or speakers to the problem raised: “But what words shall describe the Mississippi, great father of rivers, who (praise to Heaven) has no young children like him?”(D.)

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