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Reading comprehension

I. Match the pairs of synonyms among the following words:

to select; to comprise; elective; to be a must; to receive; to be mandatory; task; to obtain; specified; education; vocational; optional; assignment; to choose; certain; professional; to include; training.

II. Match synonyms from the two columns:

  1. establishment a) subsidize
  2. receive b) final
  3. finish c) semester
  4. admit d) accept
  5. support e) choose
  6. scores f) obtain
  7. differ g) finance
  8. standards h) autumn
  9. term i) graduate
  10. fund j) holidays
  11. select k) requirements
  12. fall l) results
  13. end-of-the year m) vary
  14. vacations n) institutions


III. Answer the following questions:

  1. What are the levels of education in the USA?
  2. What age groups do they include?
  3. What are the basic subjects at school?
  4. What does the word “elective” mean?
  5. Do the students and their parents know the IQ test scores?
  6. Is there a separate educational system for the wealthy?
  7. What are boarding schools? Who can afford to study there?
  8. What information does a high school transcript include?
  9. What are the possible ways to get further education?


Now you will listen to The Voice of America.Before listening try to guess the meanings of the following words and word combinations:

Fall, undergraduate, estimate, investigation, living expenses.

Washington University in Saint Louis.



Find out more: http://www.wustl.edu

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