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A For questions 1–11, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

Martin Dawson, the 0 novelist famous for his best-selling 1_________ about special agent Lee Hole, is very lucky to be alive. Fifteen years ago, while driving down a country road at night in rough weather, a small 2 _________ suddenly came round the corner. The 3_________ from the bike’s light blinded Matt and he suddenly braked. His 4_________ brakes didn’t work and his car smashed into a tree. Martin was not wearing a 5_________ and these were the days before the 6_________. Martin was thrown through the window.

Luckily, the man on the bike was a 7 _________ and he was able operate on Martin the moment he arrived at the local hospital. Unfortunately for Martin, he contracted 8 _________ at the hospital and ended up staying in the hospital for four more months. Once he left hospital he was using 9_________ for a further three years and still occasionally needs to have 10_________. However, he knows how lucky he was. He says ‘My life is rather boring so this is a story I’m sure will be included in my 11_________’.

0. a poet b critic c dramatist d novelist

1. a memoirs b thrillers c plays d blogs

2. a scooter b truck c barge d glider

3. a gleam b glare c yell d audible

4. a one-way b turbulence c anti-lock d speed

5. a signals b shuttle c airbag d seatbelt

6. a airbag b signals c puncture d cameras

7 a anaesthetist b psychiatrist c midwife d surgeon

8 a an infection b a parasite c an injection d a symptom

9 a mould b antibiotics c painkillers d vaccines

10 a transplants b physiotherapy c radiology d diabetes

11 a diary b essays c blogs d biography



B For questions 1–14, read the text below and add a word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. In some cases a word is not necessary so write ‘X’.

Dear Diary,

Today 0 was the fiftieth day I 1 _________ spent on this island. This morning, as always, I woke up at dawn, washed in the sea and 2_________ had a breakfast of melons and mangoes. I think I might 3 _________ ill if I eat much more fruit. It 4 _________ raining all day and I had to spend the whole time in my hut. 5_________ you find my message in the bottle? I hope so. I 6_________ to think that it would be 7_________ found quickly. I 8_________ wake up every morning and stand by the sea looking for the ship that never came. I know there 9 _________ be a chance that we will see each other again but I doubt it.

The rain had stopped by the evening so I had some time to hunt. Until last week I hadn’t been 10_________ into the forest but I 11_________ keep eating just fruit and fish. I need meat. While I 12_________ hunting I heard the sound of a plane. I 13 _________ to climb to the top of the hill but by the time I got there the plane was gone. I think I will still 14_________ waiting for a plane in a year’s time.


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