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Read the statements and say whether they are true(T)or false (F). Correct the false ones

Answer the Questions

1) What is RadimMalinic?

2) Where does he live?

3) What is his personal style?

4) Did he want to become a designer in his childhood?

5) What were his hobbies?

6) What help him to win an award and become a designer?

7) Where does he get his inspiration from ?

8) How does he describe his working process?

9) What kind of character is he?

10)What could be a good piece of illustration compared to?

11)What is his attitude to it?

12)What does he like about his life as a designer?

13) Who are his favourite artists?

14)Where would he like to travel?


Read the statements and say whether they are true(T)or false (F). Correct the false ones

1. RadimMalinic aka Brand Nu is art director, freelance illustrator & graphic designer

2. He lives in the USA.

3. He used to call his personal style as'splatters, shapes &colours' and it's pretty much valid label.

4. His personal style is a mixture between photoshop brushes and photographic elements.

5. Lately, I've tried to make more complicated images and more vibrant concepts.

6. He always had a plan to become a designer

7. Since his childhood to his late teens he played football.

8. Then he got into music, started a band.

9. In his twenties hebrushed off the basics he had learned and he worked his way.

10. He does for living something that would satisfy his soul.

11. He believes that inspiration comes to him while listening to music.

12. I'm rather stable character and he seldom changes the plan.

13. His working processcould take from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

14. He likes to make his own decisions.

15. He loves when people find his work inspiring, admire it and explore it.

16. He loves his illustrations, he hums it like a song,he can't get it out of his head.

17. If he had to do something totally different for living, he 'd be a musician.

18. If he could go anywhere tomorrow, hewould go to Maiami.


3. Complete the sentences

  1. RadimMalinic aka Brand Nu is art director, f…….illustrator & graphic designer.
  2. I used to call it 's……, shapes &colours' and it's pretty much v…. l…..
  3. Lately, I've tried to make less complicated images, but more v……c…….
  4. In my twenties I b…… o..the basics I had learned and I worked my way up to where I am now.

5. I do for living something that would s…… my soul on daily basis.


  1. Inspiration comes to you, wherever you go, you just choose the ones that you d…..
  2. I could go and s….a few ideas before I get to draw a first s…..
  3. The other day I came across some of my latest work in shops and on b……… and was nicely surprised.

9. You love it, you h..it, you can't get it out of your head.

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