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Які із зазначених чинників можуть спонукати або навіть остаточно переконати керівництво запровадити маркетинг на підприємстві?

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In politics, globalization is the weakening of the nation-states. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that modern states delegate more powers influential international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, NATO, the IMF and the World Bank. On the other hand, by reducing state intervention in the economy and tax cuts increase the political influence of companies (especially large multinational corporations). Because of the easy migration of people and the free movement of capital abroad also reduced the power of states towards their citizens.


Joseph J. Stiglitz defines the modern period of globalization as a new form of colonialism, expansionism derivative of the United States that emerged during the Cold War. The conditions imposed by the IMF ("supplier of the orthodox ideology") of client countries and only increase the likelihood of repayment, but not its economic growth, the loan is converted into a political tool, undermining national sovereignty. Cost-effectiveness of conditionality is not proven, says Stiglitz. The conditions in the short-term weakening economy, and uncertain in the long term. The question of the formation and the need for the reserve fund from the point of view of Stiglitz is also controversial, as the country is controlled by the IMF, can not spend money on urgent projects, and had to keep the funds in U.S. Treasuries. The policy and program to be successful, must become the "property of" not imposed them, says Stiglitz.

D. Culture.

For cultural globalization is characterized by the convergence of business and consumer culture between the different countries of the world, the widespread use of English for International Communication, the growth of the Internet for information and communication, global spread of American movies, TV shows, and software, as well as the growth of international tourism. Thus, globalization, culture is closely linked to the Americanization.


Pros and dangers of globalization


Globalization has caused the aggravation of international competition. Competition and market expansion lead to greater specialization and the international division of labor, incentives, in turn, the growth of not only nationally, but also globally.


The benefits of globalization are also related to the gains from trade for mutual benefit, satisfying all parties, who may be individuals, firms and other organizations, countries, trade unions, and even entire continents.


Globalization can lead to increased productivity as a result of the rationalization of production at the global level and advanced technology, as well as competitive pressures for continuous innovation on a global scale.


In general, the benefits of globalization can improve their situation for all partners who receive an opportunity to increase production, raise wages and living standards.


The Information Revolution (IR), based on a computer connected to telecommunications networks, radically transforms the human being. It compresses time and space opens borders, allows the contacts anywhere in the world. It transforms individuals into citizens of the world.


Countries joining together in a single space, simplify the process of crossing the border for their citizens.


The association agreement, creating associations, various state together solve global problems that require joint efforts, such as global environmental and security problems.


Thanks to advances in technology, communication between the countries become more closely, there is a possibility of a dialogue of cultures.


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