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Introduction. Listen, Paul,' Harry said

Listen, Paul,' Harry said. 'We have a problem. That volcano's getting ready to explode.'

Dreyfus stopped smiling. 'I know it was hard for you up there, Harry,' he said, 'but you mustn't get excited. Nothing much happened.'

'Nothing much happened? said Harry. 'Paul, I was there. That was a big earthquake.'

Harry Dalton is a scientist. He knows a lot about volcanoes. His boss, Paul Dreyfus, sends him to the small town of Dante's Peak on a mountain in the north of the USA. Harry thinks that the town has problems: he thinks that the volcano above the town is going to explode. Paul thinks that Harry is wrong. But is he wrong? Is the mountain going to explode? How many people have to die before Paul Dreyfus knows that Harry is right?

Dante's Peak first came to cinemas in America in February 1997. In the film, Pierce Brosnan is Harry Dalton and Linda Hamilton is Rachel Wando. Perhaps you know Pierce Brosnan from Goldeneye? In that film he was James Bond, 007. In Terminator and Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton was Sarah Conner. Roger Donaldson made the film Dante's Peak. His first big film was The Bounty (1984) with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson.

Leslie Bohem wrote the story for the film. He also wrote the story A Nightmare on Elm Street IV and other big Hollywood films. He started to write films a few years ago. Before that, he played music with Sparks. They were famous in the 1970s and 1980s. Dewey Gram wrote the book of the film. He also wrote books of the films True Lies and Sneakers.

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