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Choose one of the suggested options

1. Which is the easiest way to make money?

a) to work hard, be well-informed, risk and, of course, invest money in business

b) to hope to get your uncle’s inheritance

c) to make a career going step by step to a managing post or to try your hands at politics


2. Which character of Walt Disney makes you smile?

a) Donald Duck

b) Gusto Hans

c) Dogbert Duck


3. In your opinion which income can make the richest people of the world close a bargain?

a) from half a million to a million

b) up to 10 million

c) dozens of million and higher


4. Which of the statements do you agree to?

a) The more money you have the more pleasure you get

b) Money means power

c) Money causes much envy


5. Have you ever heard of the game called “A Fortunate letter”? You put a small sum into an envelope, look for a victim, who also pays and, at last, your investment comes back to you multiplied many times. Which part are you ready to play in it?

a) not to take part in it

b) to take part and also earn

c) to be the initiator of the game


6. Is it important for you to be mentioned in different newspapers and magazines?

a) I would be very glad

b) No

c) I am often mentioned in them anyway


7. How can you win in races?

a) gamble with high stakes

b) save money and just be present at the races

c) buy a horse-winner


8. In your opinion, who has the highest chance to become a rich man quickly and reliably?

a) a director, an actor, a writer, an artist, a sportsman-record holder

b) a lawyer, a doctor, a politician

c) a head of a company, a publisher


9. What is your attitude to the business between friends?

a) I am ready to loan money to my friends. Some time they will also lend me

b) Money and friendship are incompatible

c) I am ready to borrow money from my friends but not to lend it


10. Be frank. If you managed to become a millionaire, would you enjoy this feeling?

a) Of course, I would enjoy it

b) I would demonstrate my enjoyment to everybody who did not trust me or looked at me haughtily

c) No


11. Where would you invest your millions?

a) in real estate, in an art collection

b) in shares or other securities

c) I would do as my wife/husband would say


12. If you already have a couple of million, are you going to try to earn more?

a) No, if we are speaking about a small sum. But I will never refuse to earn a big one

b) Of course

c) No, it is enough for me


1. a) – 6; b) – 0; c) – 3;

2. a) – 3; b) – 0; c) – 6;

3. a) – 0; b) – 3; c) – 6;

4. a) – 6; b) – 3; c) – 0;

5. a) – 3; b) – 0; c) – 6;

6. a) – 0; b) – 6; c) – 3;

7. a) – 0; b) – 3; c) – 6;

8. a) – 0; b) – 3; c) – 6;

9. a) – 3; b) – 6; c) – 0;

10. a) – 0; b) – 3; c) – 6;

11. a) – 3; b) – 6; c) – 0;

12. a) – 3; b) – 6; c) – 0.


If you have:

From 0 to 23 points

It means, that the best way to become rich personally for you is either to get married luckily, or to become an heir, or, at last, to win a lottery.

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