III.Make sentences

is, favourite, spring, My, season.

in, can, I, winter, and, ski, skate.

play, summer, in, We, badminton, can.

dont, autumn, I, like.

IV.Match the questions with the answers

1 Whats your name? A. It warm.

2 How old are you? B. A hamster.

3 Whats your favorite animal? C. Im eight.

4 Whats the weather like today? E. Diana.

V.Answer the questions

Whats your name?

How old are you?

How are you?

Whats the weather like today?

Form 4

I. Complete:

1. one, two 2. hot, cold 3. red, pink 4. a potato 5. a bag, a pen 6. a nose, hair 7. beautiful, kind 8. get up, wash my face 9. a dress, jeans 10. a house, a kitchen 11. Maths, Art 12. do sums, learn about nature

II. Choose a, b or c

1. Mary is the daughter of my mother. She is my
a) sister b) daughter c) aunt    
2. My sister doesnt go to school. She is
a) a pupil b) ten c) three    
3. Mr. Smith in London.
a) lives b) live c) dont live    
4. Whereyou from?
a) do b) is c) are    
5. Liz.many toys.
a) dont have b) have got c) has got    
6. Whatyour name? - My name is Sam.
a) are b) am c) is    
7. they at home? No, they arent at home.
a) am b) is c) are    
8. Tim a bike every evening.
a) ride b) rides c) is riding    
9. She now.
a) is cooking b) cooks c) cooked    
10. I to the swimming-pool a week ago.
a) go b) goes c) went    
11. His brother to play tennis yesterday.
a) want b) wants c) wanted    
12. My uncle in London.
a) live b) lives c) lived    

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