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1 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple, past continuous or past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

1 What subjects ________ he ________ (study) at college last year?

2 Nicole was delighted when she found out that she _______________ (pass) the exam.

3 Last Saturday was terrible. It _______________ (rain) on Friday night and everything was wet and muddy.

4 What ________ you ________ (listen) to when I rang you this morning?

5 I saw Williams sister last year but I didnt recognise her. She _______________ (change) a lot.

6 A lot of things _______________ (happen) in July, but August was quite boring.

7 David turned on the TV and _______________ (sit) down to watch the news.

8 It was only six oclock in the morning, but the sun _______________ (shine) and I jumped out of bed.

9 While they were lying on the beach, the sun _______________ (go) behind some clouds.

10 She was tired because she _______________ (go) to bed late the night before.

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2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to and the verbs below. There is one verb that you do not need.

be go do have play take

1 ________ this café ____________ a cinema? It looks like one.

2 ________ you ____________ skiing a lot when you lived in the mountains?

3 I _______________ dark hair. In fact, I was blonde when I was a baby.

4 Ellen and Brian _______________ tennis together, but then they started doing karate.

5 Patrick _______________ yoga when he was younger, but he doesn't do any exercise now.

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3 Complete the sentences. Use How, That or What a.

1 We saw Star Hero last night. ____________ was a mistake! It was an awful film.

2 Are you really going to Disneyland? ____________ exciting!

3 Did you lose your money and house keys? ____________ nightmare!

4 Carl wants to be a singer. ____________ funny! He cant sing.

5 Has Zoe really won 1,000 in the lottery? ____________ was lucky!

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4 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1 Im really jealous ________ my little sisters achievements.

2 Why is she nervous ________ the exam in June? Im sure shell pass.

3 When I was younger, I was scared ________ dogs.

4 I feel guilty ________ not inviting you to the party.

5 Bob is confused ________ this exercise. He doesnt understand it.

6 Jake was quite disappointed ________ his exam results last term.

7 She didnt tell me the truth, and I still feel angry ________ that.

8 What mistake are you most ashamed ________ ?

9 Harry is fed up ________ his job and he wants to resign.

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5 Complete the sentences with the verbs below. There is one verb that you do not need.

doubt memorise realise recall recognise remind solve

1 How long does it take you to ____________ a crossword puzzle?

2 John didnt ____________ me yesterday. I used to have blonde hair but now my hairs black.

3 She said she was going to call me, but I ____________ it. She didnt ask me for my number.

4 Writing things down often helps you ____________ information more easily.

5 I was so sleepy this morning that I didnt ____________ I was in the wrong classroom.

6 These photos will always ____________ me of our holiday together.

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6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

1 The film we saw was ____________ . We were really scared. (frighten)

2 Did they sell you this DVD for 30? I'm ____________ ! You should take it back! (shock)

3 What books do you find more ____________ ? Crime thrillers or sci-fi novels? (excite)

4 Parents are often ____________ about their childrens safety. (worry)

5 The directions we had given them were ____________ , so they got lost. (confuse)

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Use of English

7 Complete the text. Choose the correct answers, A, B, C or D.

When I was young, I 1____ be really into motorbikes, and one summer, a biker friend 2____ me if I wanted to join him at a motorbike festival in Wales. He said that we could camp at the festival and that he had plenty of room in his tent for me.

My friend turned 3____ early at my house on Saturday morning, and we got on our motorbikes for the five-hour ride to Wales. My bike was going well at first. I 4____ the scenery as we rode along the road, when suddenly my bike broke down. After about an hour, I managed to fix it, so I felt quite proud 5____ myself! Then we continued on our long journey to the festival.

When we 6____ at the campsite near the festival, it was raining hard and really cold. So I was really 7____ when I found out that my friend 8____ the tent! I was 9____ that I would have to spend the night sleeping outside in the rain! 10____ , one of the other people at the campsite had brought an extra tent, so we borrowed that, in the end!


1 A use B use to C used D used to

2 A asked B had asked C was asked D was asking

3 A up B into C out D down

4 A enjoyed B had enjoyed C enjoying D was enjoying

5 A about B at C of D with

6 A arrived B had arrived C arriving D were arriving

7 A ashamed B irritated C guilty D embarrassed

8 A forgot B had forgotten C was forgetting D was forgotten

9 A afraid B confused C relieved D satisfied

10 A Eventually B Finally C Fortunately D Suddenly

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8 ² Listen to an interview with a scientist about memory. Choose the correct answers.

1 When we retrieve a memory, our brain

a keeps it in a safe place so it is easier to find.

b saves it in a way that it can process.

c finds it and recalls it.


2 Our short-term memory allows us to remember

a a lot of information for a short period.

b complicated information, but only for a short period..

c a little information for a short period.


3 When trying to memorise a long phone number, Dr Willard says we should

a focus on each individual number separately.

b repeat the number again and again.

c divide the number into smaller parts.


4 Dr Willard says that we remember an event more clearly if we

a focus our thoughts on the details.

b have strong feelings associated with it.

c try to separate our emotions from it.


5 What does Dr Willard say about sleep?

a Sleep lets the brain sort out positive and negative memories.

b Sleep allows the brain to organise new information.

c Sleep is as good as studying through the night for memory.

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9 Complete the text with the missing sentences AF. There is one sentence you do not need.

100 years of memory and legend

On 10 April 1912, an amazing, imposing new ocean liner steamed out of Southampton Harbour. 1____ She was the largest ship in the world at that time, and the most luxurious. Her passengers included some of the wealthiest people in the world. Everyone agreed this beautiful new ship was the best liner in existence in fact, she was said to be unsinkable.

The ships crew had absolute confidence in her. When, four days later, Captain Edward Smith gave his radio-men the order to transmit the international distress signal, SOS, they thought he was joking. He wasnt. At 2.20 a.m. on 15 April 1912, the Titanic sank beneath the freezing waters of the Atlantic. 2____ It is still one of the biggest peacetime maritime tragedies in history.

On 14 April 2012, a passenger ship stopped in the North Atlantic. 3____ It was cold and dark. 1,300 passengers stood on deck as a memorial service was held for the people who died there. After hymns and prayers, two wreaths of flowers were thrown into the freezing water.

The story of the Titanic has touched and fascinated people for over a century. Mistakes were made that added up to disaster. 4____ There are records of generosity and courage that saved lives when so many others were lost. Millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim was offered one of the few places in a lifeboat, but said it should be given to a woman or a child, and chose instead to dress for dinner. Someone overheard him say Weve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen! 5____The pure drama of the scene means that the legend of the Titanic will never be forgotten.


A For example, the Titanics radio room received no fewer than seven ice warnings on the night of the tragedy.

B It was twenty to midnight, the exact time that the Titanic hit the iceberg 100 years before.

C Survivors recalled that the lights stayed on and the orchestra was playing until the moment the huge ship sank into the black water.

D They arrived two hours later, but only 53 people were rescued from the water.

E It was her first voyage and her destination was New York City across the Atlantic Ocean.

F On that night, over 1,500 people lost their lives.

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10 Write a narrative (200250 words) about the most special day of your life. Include the following information:

Say when the day was, and describe what the day was like.

Say what you were doing and what happened during the day.

Explain why it was so special and memorable for you.

Describe your feelings on the day, and how you feel about it today.


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