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Key Vocabulary List. news report, news story, news bulletin


news report, news story, news bulletin

editorial, leader, feature article (e.g. about fashion or social trends),

interview, fact-finding / formal / exclusive / opinion interview

commentary, the letters page, review, preview, obituary, sports report, horoscope, gossip column, cartoon, strip cartoon, comic strip, crossword, small add

headline, caption

statement, communiqué, press release

journal, magazine, colour supplement, comic


advertising manager, circulation manager

editor-in-chief, news editor, makeup/technical editor, feature editor, picture editor, sports editor, sub-editor

reporter, resident correspondent, freelance journalist, cartoonist, gossip columnist

news, bit / item / piece of news

latest news, foreign / international / national / local news, political / business news

good / welcome news, bad news, breaking / shocking / startling / unexpected news

news spreads/ travels

to be in the news

big media / opinion press

local paper, national paper

quality paper / broadsheet

tabloid / popular paper

edition, monthly / weekly / daily / Sunday / evening / morning edition

to be published daily / weekly / monthly

mass circulation papers, small circulation papers

to have an average circulation of … million copies

to increase circulation by … copies a day

to have high / low sales

to subscribe to a newspaper, to be available on subscription

to come out

issue, the issue of July 15, today’s issue, yesterday’s issue

to cover events, to cover all topics and interests from … to …

to give a full coverage of (to) an event

extensive coverage of home and foreign or world news

prominence is given to … (coverage of world news, political and economic news, sports coverage)

to forecast

topical question, to be of topical interest

to be aimed at the average/educated reader, to cater for

to highlight, to devote much space to, to concentrate on, to devote equal amounts of attention to

to capture readers’ attention, to manipulate public opinion, to play on people’s emotions, to appeal to the lowest level of public taste

to feature crime, sex and scandal

sensational / spicy stories

to separate news from opinion about the news

to have different political outlooks

to hold right-wing / left-wing views

to be liberal in one’s news

freedom of speech

libel, libellous, obscene

publicise, publicity

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