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Language section


A Complete the text with the words in the box. Be careful - there are four extra words.

anxiety blush bright cautious collection exhibition humiliating reasonable risks unreasonable whenever


Ive always had an (1) ______ fear of not being liked. Im quite a (2) ______ person and I really dont like to take too many (3) ______. So, (4) ______ people find out that Im an artist they seem surprised. Recently I had an (5) ______ of my paintings in a big art gallery in New York. I was standing next to one of the pictures when I overheard a man and a woman talking about it. The man said he thought

it was a load of rubbish and I went (6) ______ red. The woman noticed and she came over and

asked me what was wrong. So, I told her that I was the painter and she started laughing, it was so

(7) ______.



B Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

(8) Dont worry, hes completely harmful / harmless. He wouldnt hurt anybody.

(9) Shes such a courage / courageous person. Shes an inspiration to everyone.

(10) He always looks on the bright side of everything. Hes a real pessimist / optimist.

(11) Whatever / Whenever happens, please dont worry.

(12) I think that everybody should get equal / equality treatment.

(13) Wait until youve heard the hole / whole story.

(14) Why do you think everything is perfect? Your idealism / realism is not based on any evidence.




C Choose the correct forms to complete the text.

In the last few years campaigners in the UK (15) tried / have been trying to get fox hunting banned. Last week they (16) claimed / have claimed to have won the argument when the Prime Minister agreed to include a Bill making hunting illegal in the next parliament. Anti-hunt protestors (17) were celebrating / had celebrated what they see as a victory. However, local hunt organizers

(18) were arguing / have argued that if hunting is banned many people (19) will lose / had lost their jobs. Two attempts have already (20) failed / been failing and hunt organizers were hoping that the Bill would be dropped.



D Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Grant Pullis (21) ______ (start) his epic walk in 2004. He (22) ______ (walk) for almost three years.

One day I (23) ______ (watch) a programme about great explorers and I (24) _____ (think) I can could? do that. Grant (25) _____ (fly) to Santiago in Chile and started walking north. After three months he (26) _______ (walk) all the way across Chile. I felt tired, but great. said Pullis.



E Choose the correct ending for each sentence.

(27) If I were you I

a) will do it. b) would do it.


(28) If she hadnt voted for him, he

a) wouldnt have won. b) wouldnt win.


(29) I _______ the book for a few hours when you called.

a) had read b) had been reading


(30) I wish I

a) would have listened to you. b) had listened to you.


(31) You really _______ tried harder.

a) should b) should have


(32) He wont win the election

a) if hes very lucky. b) unless hes very lucky.


(33) If he makes lots of promises he

a) might win. b) might have won.



Functional language

E Complete the conversation with the words and phrases in the box.

otherwise my point is that so that what are you suggesting I dont follow

basically youre saying that what I meant to say was that

Sandra: Whats wrong?

Joe: Im scared of flying?

Sandra: What is it that youre scared about?

Joe: Everything!

Sandra: What do you mean everything?

Joe: Im scared there might be problems with the plane.

Sandra: Problems, (34) _______

Joe: Well, there might be a technical problem.

Sandra: Look, they check the plane carefully (35) ______ they wouldnt let us take off.

Joe: Yes, but there could be other problems.

Sandra: What other problems?

Joe: There might be too many passengers on board.

Sandra: Now youre being ridiculous.

Joe: No Im not. (36) _______ there are lots of things that can go wrong. And Im scared of other things as well.

Sandra: Like what?

Joe: Well, Im also scared of enclosed spaces.

Sandra: So, (37) _______ youre scared of flying and youre claustrophobic.

Joe: Yes.

Sandra: OK, what do I need to do (38) _______ youll get on this plane?

Joe: Oh, Ill get on the plane.

Sandra: What? (39) _______? I thought you were too scared to get on the plane.

Joe: No, (40) _______ Im frightened so Ill need to sit next to the window.

Sandra: OK? But arent you scared of heights?

Joe: No, why would I be?

Sandra: Oh, I dont know. Come on, lets get on.


Part 1

[Track 9]Listen to five short recordings. Choose the correct ending to each sentence.


(1) Bob isnt frightened of anything / is frightened of spiders.

(2) The painting is worth a fortune / absolutely worthless.

(3) The woman chose a book about / by Frida Kahlo.

(4) The man thinks women should / shouldnt get involved in politics.

(5) John Prescott was visiting a school / factory when he shouted at a reporter.



Part 2

[Track 10] Listen to the radio programme about Steve Biko. There are five mistakes in the text below. Listen and correct them.

On todays programme we are looking at another person whose bravery was incredible. Steve Biko is probably best known because of the film Cry Freedom by South African politician, Donald Woods. Steve Biko was born in Cape Province on 18 December 1946 just a few months before the National Party came to power in South Africa. He went to law school at the University of Natal in Durban, but as a black student he could only study in the non-European section of the university. He became involved in politics and was one of the founders of the South African Students Organization (SASO), an all-student organization. He believed that black students should be accepted on their own terms as an integral part of the South African government. In 1973 the government banned SASO and restricted Bikos freedom of politics and his movement. In 1977 Biko was arrested and taken to Port Elizabeth, where he died in prison. He was only 31 when he died and may well have become as important in South Africa as Nelson Mandela.




Part 1

Read the letter page from a magazine below. Are these sentences true (T), false (F) or not given (NG)?

(1) Joanne Kingsley suffers from demophobia.

(2) Identifying the causes of a panic attack is the cure for the problem.

(3) Among many things Anwad is scared of some pets.

(4) Yoga relaxes the body and therefore gets rid of all phobias.

(5) If Anwads wife doesnt understand his problems he should leave her.



Dear Dr Sachs

I think I might have a phobia, but I dont know what of. Often when Im walking down the street I will suddenly feel anxious, my heart will start beating quickly and I will feel faint. The thing is I know Im not frightened of open spaces or of meeting people, so what could it be? It doesnt happen all the time, but just in certain places.

Joanne Kingsley


Dear Joanne,

Yes, it does sound as though you might have a phobia. Certainly the symptoms are very common and it sounds as though you suffer from mild panic attacks. Its also quite frightening when you dont know what causes it them. In fact, that might be part of the problem if you knew what you were scared of it would be easier to confront it. I think its worth you sitting down and trying to think what is around you when these things happen. It might be demophobia (the fear of crowds), or possibly something like cyclophobia (the fear of bicycles). If you can find a common factor that occurs when you feel anxious it might be easier to overcome your fear.

Dr Sachs


Dear Dr Sachs

I know what Im scared of, the list is very long. Im scared of flying, of heights, of spiders and of cats. My wife thinks Im silly and she often tries to scare me by bringing in spiders from the garden or talking about going on holiday by plane. The thing is, just thinking about these things makes me frightened. So, what can I do to help myself?

Anwad Khan

Dear Anwad,

Poor you. It sounds as though you are really having a hard time. Im sure if you sat down with your wife and talked to her she would try to help you. Another thing you can do is to try and relax more. It might be a good idea to take up yoga or some other exercise like swimming. One problem we have when we become frightened is that our body becomes tense, if you can relax then this will help.

Dr Sachs



Part 2

Read the newspaper article below and choose the correct answer to each sentence.

(6) Young people arent interested in politics because

a) they dont want to get involved.

b) they dont listen to the politicans opinions.

c) the issues they are concerned about are not discussed.


(7) The British Youth Council

a) is for youngsters who want to be politicians.

b) wants to bring the youth and politicians together.

c) is for politicians who care about the youth.


(8) In the concert organized by the BYC

a) the politicians listened to the music of the 40s and 50s.

b) the politicians liked the music.

c) the politicians learnt about the young peoples feelings and ideas through their music.


(9) In the political speed-dating event

a) the politicians learnt about the young peoples ideas.

b) the politicians were assessed on five aspects.

c) the politicians persuaded the youngsters to vote for them.


(10)In the speed-dating event

a) all the politicians were embarrassed.

b) both the politicians and the organisers agreed that it was useful for raising awareness.

c) the youngsters took the politicians opinions seriously.



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