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Vocabulary Training

1. Read and remember the following words and word combinations:




occupation, n profession, n trade, n job, n position, n post, n work, n labour, n business, n employ (for), v apply for, v make an application make an appointment advertise for, v employee, n employment, n unemployed, a employer, n be (un)employed line, n career, n promotion, n curriculum vitae (CV) vacancy, n accept, v take up, v What are you by profession (by trade)? What post do you hold? What business are you in? What's your line?  


at a factory / plant at a firm / company at a farm at a workshop at a high school at the police in an office in a shop in a bank in an assembling department in a hospital at a travel agency – Where do you work? – I work at a candy factory. / I work for Philips.


work shift-work be on flexi-time work irregular / long hours give up work be on / take maternity leave be on / take sick leave take early retirement turn down, v reject, v give up, v leave, v (job, position) work half /part / full time work nine-to-five be fired be dismissed be out of work get the sack be made redundant dismiss from, v retire, v


salary, n wages, n fee, n payment, n income, n profit, n earn money make / do money What's your family income? How much do you earn (make)?

2. Work as a group and give the names of occupations related to:

a) teaching; b) health care; c) law; d) industry; e) business; f) management; g) mass media; h) science; i) art; j) manual work; k) services; l) rare jobs.

3. In small groups make a list of jobs which can be described as:


full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, prestigious, demanding, challenging, caring, influencing, managerial.


4. Work with your teacher and think of the jobs requiring:


good qualification, rich imagination, an attractive appearance, refine taste, good sense of humour, quick mind, self-discipline, great responsibility, tolerance, special skills (administrative, organizational, etc.).


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