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Topic 3 Has the ease of cooking improved life? People work hard to fulfill their principal (основные) necessities, and food is the one thing that is really important to their survival

People work hard to fulfill their principal (основные) necessities, and food is the one thing that is really important to their survival. Although sometimes belied by other things that seem important (Хотя иногда опровергаются другие вещи, которые кажутся важными), food is the core objective that drives all people to work (питание является основной целью, которая движет всеми людьми на работу). But the outcome of the efforts of these people is not a direct supply of food (Но результат усилий этих людей не является прямой поставки продовольствия); rather it is in the form of money. Thus these people use the money they obtain to prepare their food.


In old days, preparing food was cumbersome kʌmbəsəm and time-consuming work for those who do it solely for eating purposes (приготовление пищи было громоздкой и трудоемкой работой для тех, кто делает это исключительно для целей еды). This kind of preparing food in due tie could not comply with the kind of life people lead today. The use of technological advancement makes preparing food practical even for the clumsiest person (самого неуклюжего человека). This helps a great deal for those who work against time to make their living. It also avoids the waste of considerable amount of money from hiring a cook.


The development in the preparation of food is highly effective for those people who have no know how of it. A person who does not know how to prepare his/her own food would go to a restaurant or some other place where food is served everyday. But with the advanced food preservation technology, now he is free, completely independent of restaurants and other places. He can prepare his own food and enjoy the feeling of "home, sweet home".


For people at work, life has just become easy for them. They will not have to worry all day long about what they are going to prepare for their supper. They can fully concentrate on their jobs, and work with a mind full of peace.


In general this new way of preparing food has helped those who are concerned about their daily meals ~ almost everyone. Not only that, it would enlighten those who are frustrated with their jobs just because of the worry of that tiresome (утомительная, изнурительная) work ~ preparing food.



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