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Topic 2 Are parents best teachers? Are parents are best teachers?

Are parents are best teachers? Different people will give different responses to this question from their own characters, emotional concerns (эмоциональные проблемы) and even educational backgrounds (уровня образования). However, when it comes to me (Однако, когда дело доходит до меня), I believe that parents are our best teachers for the following reasons.


In the first place, parents are the people who are closest to us and who understand our real needs best. From infancy on (С младенчества на), our parents have witnessed every step in both our physical and mental development (родители были свидетелями на каждом шагу в нашем физическом и психическом развитии). They share every hint of happiness (Они разделяют каждый намек на счастье) or unhappiness with us and they even know what a little gesture (жест, мимика) of us might indicate. Based on such a deep understanding (Основываясь на таком глубоком понимании), our parents will teach us what we are interested in and what we are not. For instance, they can often buy books on our favored topics (любимые темы) such as sea animals and astronomical objects. Little by little, we can mature our minds (возмужать, созреть) and broaden our horizons in our favorite fields (расширить наши горизонты в наших любимых областях). Or are we prospective (будущий, перспективный) artists, scientists, teachers, or even businesspeople? Our parents might tell that at our early ages. Consequently (следовательно, поэтому), they will give us specific encouragement (они дадут нам конкретные поощрения) and abundant (богатые) resources in our favored fields. Sometimes, our parents can even point out a direction (могут даже указать направление) to our future professional goals. Will other people do that for us based on such a solid understanding of us?


In the second place, our experienced parents are our best teachers of today's complicated society. From our teachers at school, we can learn sophisticated (глубокие) knowledge. But how can our teachers tell us how to communicate with others, how to deal with strangers, how to behave in different occasions, and how to make important decisions of our daily life? Only our parents, who will spend their whole life loving us, caring us will tell us how to steer our own boats in the ocean of life without selfish consideration (как управлять нашей собственной лодки в океане жизни без эгоистичных рассчётов, размышлений).


Admittedly (общеизвестно, по общему признанию), our friends and school teachers could provide us with valuable advice now and then, and maybe it will be easier for us to follow their suggestions (предложениям). Their effects on us cannot be neglected or replaced by our parents (Их влияние на нас нельзя пренебречь или заменить нашими родителями). And parents might spoil (испортить) their children or even interfere (вредить, мешать, надоедать) with children's privacy because of love. To be honest, the roles of these two kinds of people cannot be replaced by each other. However, it seems to me that only our parents, who will spend their whole life with us, will be our best teachers, not only for now but also for our whole life.


All in all (в общем, в конечном счёте), if all the factors are contemplated (продумать, рассчитать, рассмотреть), we can easily reach a conclusion that, parents are not only our first teachers but also our best teachers. Let's be carefully aware of this point (Давайте внимательно знать эту точку) and take better care of our parents to repay their efforts to teach us.



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