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VII. Open the brackets putting the verbs in the correct form.

1. Government usually (to make) the rules of taxation to meet local conditions.

2. Taxation (to become) extremely complex for the past few decades.

3. Last year Revenue Department (to raise) big enough amounts of money through National Insurance contributions.

4. A year ago the VAT (to rise) to compensate the direct tax which (to be cut) before.

5. There (to be) some cuts in direct taxes and the tax burden on the individuals (to fall) in the past decade.

6. The UK (to raise) indirect taxes on spending whereas direct taxes on income (to cut) substantially of late.

7. Taxation policy always (to reflect) socially desirable and undesirable priorities in society.

8. Interest on savings (to be) tax-free next year to encourage savings.

9. The government (to impose) high levels of tax on smoking and drinking since last year.

VIII. Translate into Russian paying attention to the word ‘though’.

1. Though there has been some cutting back in the past decade, there is nevertheless broad agreement that the system is valuable.

2. Unearned income does not, in principle, escape tax, though there are exceptions.

3. There may be a tax on the value of any property owned by an individual, though, it is not always the case.

4. Land and property also attract capital gains tax, though an individual’s principal domestic residence is often exempt.

5. Capital gains tax may be charged on any gain, though more likely there will be an annual exemption.

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