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It is the practice in criminal proceedings before the courts for the opposing counsel to lay before the court and the jury an outline of the points he expects to prove and the nature of the evidence which it is proposed to offer. It is advisable to set down briefly the important points in this history. First of all will be a recital of the efforts made over a period of twenty-five years to secure a national food. and drugs act. Attention is called to the indifference of the people at large in regard to the character of the foods and drugs which they used, and the efforts that were made to overcome this attitude. It was soon found that individual activities were practically useless in securing national legislation. Only mass action could produce any progressive results. The organized bodies of men and women who gradually became interested in this legislation will be pointed out. At the same time the character of the lobbies formed efficiently to block national legislation will be described. Particular attention will be called to the dominant features which always characterized this proposed legislation. There was very little discussion of the question of misbranding. The chief points discussed were the results of adding to our food products preservative substances to keep them from decay, and coloring matters which made them look more attractive and fresh. Brief citations from the evidence before the various committees in the House and the Senate will illustrate the magnitude of the struggle which finally resulted in the approval of the Food and Drugs Act on June 30, 1906.

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