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State the functions of the Gerund in the sentences below.

1. It’s no good concealing your background.

2. It’s dangerous participating in piracy today.

3. The main thing is revealing no emotions in public.

4. The manager was against fulfilling the solo with much dramatism.

5. The contract needs renewing.

6. The producer objected to holding the performance in day light.

7. They insisted on announcing the play well in advance on bills.

8. We were responsible for making arrangements for the dress rehearsal.

9. Julia had never had a chance of playing Rosalind.

10. Michael expressed his surprise at getting that picture for nothing.

11. The public amused itself by eating apples, nuts, smoking and drinking ale.

12. I have no reason for putting a word for you.

13. ‘Kyivbud’ began erecting a skyscraper in the centre of the city outside the jurisdiction of the authorities.

14. England turned into a first-rate naval power after defeating the Great Spanish Armada in 1588.

15. If the play is wrong, no acting in the world will save it.

16. On leaving school he joined an amateur dramatic society.

17. He left the room without making a clean breast of the matter.

18. He flattered them by letting them think that he had discovered a remarkable actress.

19. Michael did it for the purpose of putting a stop to everything.

20. Jimmy spent his holiday in going every night to the theatre.


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