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Key discourse categories in analyzing texts


Self-identification meansself-representation through sign nomination and its interpretation (by means of semantics, grammar, stylistics, etc.).

Time means displaying oneself in time (past, present, future; real / unreal). This category is represented in a news analysis article in a different way. As the author does not openly express his/her point of view on a certain problem/issue being covered, so it is shown through the described event and its representation in a time context.

Space means displaying oneself in space: geopolitical (local or global level) or modal (reality, virtuality level). In a news analysis article it is represented by displaying an event in a certain space.

Audience means reflection of the characteristics of the audience: through identification of the audience and forms of address.

Intertextuality means widening the latent content by means of citations, proverbs, illustrations, etc.

Intereventness means widening the latent content by means of referring to other (non-topical) events.


Representation of these categories in a newspaper text helps convey the information more fully and deeply and thus to establish a contact with the planned audience and later get a feedback from the readers.

PS Think how these categories can be applied in the analysis of the visual image.

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