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Read the text and answer the questions that follow.

1. What is a ‘fast food’ restaurant?

2. Are they a European tradition?

3. When did the McDonald brothers open their first restaurant?

4. What did the McDonald brothers do to reduce their prices?

5. How could people see that the McDonald’s restaurant was clean?

6. What happened in 1955?

7. How many McDonald’s restaurants are in the world now?

8. What can you buy in a ‘fast food’ restaurant today?

9. Have you ever been to a ‘fast food’ restaurant?

10 Is there one in your city?

11 Why are they so popular among young people?
1. The British eat more fast food than any other Europeans, spending on average ₤2.5 billion each year on burgers, takeaway chicken, fish and chips and pizza. The French come second and the Germans third. How much do you think the Russians spend a year on fast food?

Do you ever eat ‘fast’ or ‘junk’ food? What is your favourite fast food? What is good, or bad, about it?


3. What does this cartoon mean? Do you find it funny?





4. Choose one of the following statements and prepare an argument to support it. (Don’t worry if you don’t believe in it!) Make a few notes first.

"American food like burgers and cola is taking over the world. It’s time we remembered our own national dishes."

“Fast food is just a fast way to get fat.”

"TV advertisements for crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks should be banned."

How many people in the class are vegetarians? When did they become vegetarians? Do you think the number of vegetarians is increasing?

a) Correct each of these statements.

1. Most teenagers stop eating meat because they are worried about their health.

2. At rock concerts, some animal-rights groups show videos of terrible diseases you can get from eating meat.

3. Most parents are worried that their children will not get enough vitamins if they are vegetarians.

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