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Translate the following sentences from English into Russian. Pay attention to the words in bold type

a)1. He came home after years of foreign travel.2. Snow and high winds have disrupted travelin many parts of Britain. 3. We traveled100 miles on our first days. 4. The triplasts a week, but two days of that will be spent traveling.5.When Sally came out of hospital, her husband suggested taking a triptogether. 6. Every year he was supposed to go, and every year he could think of excuses for not making the journey. 7.The job involves a certain amount of traveling.8.In the book she tells how she traveled round the worldtaking only a backpack. 9. He went into the travel agent'son impulse and booked a week in France. 10.We have a very long train journeyahead of us. 11. We couldn't afford a vacation but made a few day tripsinto San Francisco. 12. Eighty thousand air travelerspass through the terminalevery day. 13. My father was a well-traveled manwho used to entertain us wit' stories about his journeys abroad.14.Due to the large amounts of business travelincluded in the job the boss thinks you should receive an increase in salary. 15. For our summer vacation this year we're touring Spainin a camper.

b)1. They hijacked a British Airways flightand threatened to blow the planeup if their government did not release its political prisoners. 2. After we'd flown toMelbourne, we thought we'd visit the family before carrying onto Adelaide. 3. Even when you get to "Vancouver, there's still a 90-minute flightup to the islands. 4. At the frontier you will be asked your destinationand how long you plan to stay. 5. There is no bus serviceto our village. 6. We drove to the airportbut couldn't find any place to park. 7.With all the airlineson strike I had no choice but to take my way overland. 8. He lost all his money in a casino in Vegas and had to hitchhike back toSan Francisco. 9. The caris in good condition and has doneonly 15,000 miles.10. Itwas dark when the Southbound international expressfinally passed by. 11. He looked around the train at the other commuters,all as bored with their jobs as he was. 12. They turned left at the gas stationinto the busy main road. 13. The speed limiton British motorwaysis 70 miles an hour. 14. There's a police mobile phone somewhere on Highway 61.15.She backed the carinto the driveand parked in front of the house. 16. She steered the carcarefully through a narrow gap. 17. We hitched a ridein a truck.

c) 1. The voyagefrom England to America used to take more than a month. 2. They always chose to go by seaafter a near fatal plane crashover the Atlantic. 3. At the age of 20 I went overseas.4.The voyage from Europewas a hazardous undertaking, with heavy seas and strong winds. 5. We sailonce a week, and as Malta is our first point of call, the voyagetakes about six days. 6. There are special ferrieswhich can carry a whole train or several loaded lorriesso that cargo doesn't have to be loaded, unloaded and reloaded at ports.7. Please let us know whether you wish to have the goods sent by the train-ferryor by shipto Roan and thence by lighter.8. The Paris-London line will have a vessel sailing from the port of Londonon April 23.


12.Fill in the blanks with the words: journey, voyage, trip, tour, travel.


1.___ broadens the mind. 2. Londoners often go on a day ___ to Brighton. 3. The organization of___ has become big business. 4. A boatsman was persuading people to go for a pleasure ___ round the island. 5. He makes the same ___ every day, from London to Brighton and back. 6. You can buy a pack of tickets for twelve ___ . 7. Foreign ___ is enjoyable, but rather expensive. 8. All cases not wanted on the ___ should be marked as such. 9. My companion suggested that we made a ___ of Amsterdam. 10. How long does the ___ take by car? 11. They went on a sentimental ___ back to their honeymoon resort.



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