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Выполнила: студентка группы Ю-15

Маркова Яна Александровна

проверил: Ст. пр. Бородулина З.А.


Петрозаводск 2012




1. Are they still having dinner? No, they have finished.
2. I have bought some new shoes. Do you want to see then?
3. Is Tom here? No, he hasn’t gone to work.
4. Have you done the shopping?
5. Where’s you key? I don’t know. I have lost it.
6. Look: Somebody has broken that window.
7. Your house looks different. Have you painted it?
8. I can’ t find my umbrella. Somebody has taken it?
9. I’ m looking for Ann. Where has she gone?
10. Do you want the newspaper? No, thanks. I haven’t read it.


№ 2

1. Have you ever been to Paris? No, never.
2. Have you ever played golf? Yes, many times.

3. Have you ever been to Australia? No, never.
4. Have you ever lost your passport? Yes, once.
5. Have you ever slept in a park? No, never.
6. Have you ever eaten Chinese food? Yes, a few times.
7. Have you ever New York? Yes, twice.
8. Have you ever won a lot of money? No, never.
9. Have you ever broken your leg? Yes, once.


№ 3

1. Jill is in London. She has been in London since Monday.

2. I know George. I have known him for a long time.

3. They are married. They have been married since 1993.

4. John is ill. He has been ill for a week.

5. We live in this house. We have lived here for ten years.

6. I know Tom very well. I have know him since we went to school together.

7. She has a headache. She had a headache since she got up.


№ 4

1. John is in London. How long has been in London?

2. I know George. How long have you know him?

3. Mike and Ann are in Brasil. How long have they been in Brasil?

4. My brother lives in Germany. How long has he brother lived in Germany?

5. Bill is a teacher. How long has Bill been a teacher?

6. I know Margaret. How long have you know Margaret?

7. I have a car. How long have you had a car?

8. Linda and Frank are married. How long have they been married?

9. Ann works in London. How long has Ann worked in London?


№ 5

1. She’s been in London since Monday.

2. She’s been in London for four days.

3. Mike has been ill for a long time. He’s been in hospital since October.

4. My aunt has lived in Australia for 15 years.

5. Nobody lives in these houses. They have been empty for many years.

6. Mrs Harris is in her office. She’s been there since 7 o’clock.


№ 6

1. When did he arrive in London? Four days ago.

2. How long has she been in London? For four days.

3. How long have they been married? For 20 years.

4. When did they get married? 20 years ago.

5. When did John arrive? Ten minutes ago.

6. When did you buy these shoes? Two months ago.

7. How long has she been in Moscow? For two months.

8. How long have you known Jane? For a long time.

9. What time did you have lunch? An hour ago.


№ 7

1. She is in London now. She arrived there four days ago. She has been there for four days.

2. Jack is here. He arrived on Thursday. He has been here since Thursday.

3. I know Ann. I first met Ann two years ago. I’ve know Ann for two years.

4. I have a camera. I bought it in 1995. I’ve had a camera since 1995.

5. They are married. They got married six months ago. They’ve been married for six months ago.



№ 8

1. Have you ever lost your key? Yes, I lost it yesterday.

2. Have you seen Alan? Yes, I seen Alan ten minutes ago.

3. Have you painted the gate? Yes, we have painted it the gate it last week.

4. Has Jane gone to France? Yes, she has gone on Friday.

5. Have they had dinner? They had dinner at 7 o’ clock.

6. Has he started his new work? Yes, her started new work it yesterday.


№ 11

1. My friend is a writer. She has written many books.

2. We didn’t have a holiday last years.

3. Did you see Alan last week?

4. I played tennis yesterday afternoon.

5. What time did you go to bed last night?

6. Have you ever been to the United States?

7. My hair is clean. I have washed it.

8. I washed my hair before breakfast this morning.

9. When I was a child I didn’t like sport.

10. Ann loves traveling. She has visited many countries.

11. John works in a bookshop. He has been working there for three years.

12. Last year we went to Finland for a holiday. We have stayed there for three weeks.



№ 1

1. I’m sorry, but we can’t come to your party next Saturday.

2. She got the job because she can speak five languages.

3. You are speaking very quietly. I can’t hear you.

4. Have you seen my bag? I can’t find it.

5. I like this hotel room. You can see the mountains from the window.


№ 2

1. I was tired but I couldn’t sleep.

2. She spoke quickly. I couldn’t understand her.

3. His eyes are not good. He can’t see very well.

4. I wasn’t hungry yesterday. I couldn’t eat my dinner.

5. He can’t go to the concert next Saturday. He’s working.

6. He couldn’t go to the meeting last week. He was ill.


№ 4

1. (perhaps I will go to the cinema) I may go to the cinema.

2. (perhaps Kay will be late) Kay may be late.

3. (perhaps it will snow today) It may snow today.

4. (perhaps I will see Tom tomorrow) I may see Tom tomorrow.

5. (perhaps I will wear my new jeans) I may wear my new jeans.


№ 8

1. I had to go to the bank yesterday to get some money.

2. The windows are dirty. I must clean them.

3. The windows were very dirty yesterday. I had to clean them.

4. I must get up early tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to do.

5. Come on! We must hurry. WE haven’t got much time.

6. We arrived home very late last night. We had to wait half an hour for a taxi.

7. These cakes are very nice. You must have one.

8. Ann came to the party but she didn’t stay very long. She must leave early.

9. He didn’t know how to use the machine. I had to show him.

10. I was nearly late for my appointment this morning. I run to get there on time.


№ 11

1. There were no buses yesterday evening. We had walk home.

2. I’m going to bed early tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

3. It’s late. I have now. I’ll see you tomorrow.

4. I went to the supermarket after work because I have to buy some food.

5. This train doesn’t go to London. You had to go at Bristol.

6. We did an exam yesterday. We had to answer six questions out of ten.


№ 12

1. I have to get up early tomorrow. What time do you have to get up?

2. They had to leave early. Why did they leave to early?

3. We had to pay a lot of money. How much

4. I have to go home now. Why are you going home now?

5. He had to wait a long time. How long has he a wait?

6. John has to work this evening. Why does he work to evening?


№ 13

1. Why are you going home now? You don’t have to go home now.

2. Why is she waiting? She doesn’t have to wait.

3. Why did you get up so early? You didn’t have to get up so early.

4. Why do you want to decide now? We don’t have to want decide now.

5. Why does he work so hard? He doesn’t work so hard.



№ 9

1. If I don’t feel well tomorrow

2. If the weather nice tomorrow. We can go to the beach.

3. It will be difficult to find a hotel if the arrive late.

4. The alarm will ring if there a fire.

5. I’ll be surprised if they get married.

6. Will you go to the party if they invite you?


№ 10

1. If I’m late this morning, don’t wait for me

2. If I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll phone you.

3. Do you mind when I close the window?

4. When I get up in the morning, I usually drink a cup of coffee.

5. Have something to eat. If you don’t eat now, you’ll be hungry later.

6. John is still at school. When he leaves school, he wants to go to university.

7. Be careful if you aren’t careful, you’ll fall.



1. Somebody cleans the room every day. They room is cleaned every day.

2. They cancelled all flight because of fog. All flight were cancelled because of fog.

3. People don’t use this road very often. This road is not use very often.

4. Somebody accused me of stealing money. I was accused of stealing money.

5. How do people learn languages? How are languages learned.

6. People advised us not to go out alone. We were advised not to go out alone.

7. The company employs two hundred people. Two hundred people are employed the company.

8. A loud noise woke us up during the night. We were woken up during the night.

9. Somebody locks the park gates at 6.30 p.m. The park gates are locked at 6.30 p.m.

10. I posted the letter a week ago. The letter was posted a week ago.

11. Somebody has cleaned the room. The room has been cleaned.

12. They have postponed the concert. The concert has been postponed.

13. Somebody is using the computer at the moment. The computer is used at the moment.

14. I didn’t realize that somebody was recording our conversation. Our conversation was recorded.

15. They are building a new ring road round the city. A new ring rood is being built round the city by their.

16. They have built a new hospital near the airport. A new hospital has been built near the airport

17. Somebody will clean the windows later. The windows will be cleaned later.



№ 15

2. Doctor Broun will give you some advice. Some advice will be given by Doctor Broun.

3. A famous designer will redecorate the hotel. The hotel will be redecorated by a famous designer.

4. Steven Spielberg directed this film. This film was directed by S. Spielberg.

5. Someone has broken the crystal vase. The crystal vase has been broken.

6. Fleming discovered penicillin. Penicillin was discovered by Fleming.

7. They will advertise the product on television. The product will advertised on television.

8. They often remake films. Films are remake by them.

9. He gave me a present. A present was given me be him.

10. The waiter will bring us bill. The bill will be brought by the waiter.


№ 16

2. We keep money in a safe. Where is money kept?

3. They speak Italian in Italy. What is language spoken in Italy?

4. They took his aunt to hospital. Who was been taken to hospital?

5. The boys damaged the television. What was damaged TV?

6. Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. Who was been painted the Mona Lisa?

7. He invited 30 people to his party. How much people were invited to his party?

8. They grow bananas in Africa. Where grown bananas?


№ 17
1. Somebody has stolen a bus from outside the school. Some children saw the thief. The police search for the bus. They will use the children's descriptions to catch the thief.
A bus has been stolen by somebody from outside the school. The thief was saw by some children. The bus is searched by the police. The childrens description will use to caught the thief.

2. Someone broke into the local jewellery shop yesterday. The owner locked up the shop but a robber with a gun threatened him. The robber told him to unlock the shop and give him all the diamonds in the safe. Then the robber tied him up. The police organized a search for the robber. They hope they find him in a few days. Doctors treat the owner of the shop for shock.
Local jewellery was been broken by someone yesterday. The shop was been locked up owner but a robber with a gun threatened him. By the robber was been told to unlock the shop and give him all the diamonds in the safe. He was been tied up by the robber. A search was been organized by the police. Will been found a few days hope they. The owner was treat.


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