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Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mother on the edge of a forest. Her Grandma gave her a cloak and hood made of red velvet. The little girl liked it so much that she always wore it and so became known as Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother asked her to take a basket of food to her Grandma who wasn’t feeling very well. The cottage where Grandma lived was in the middle of the forest. So Little Red Riding Hood set off.

She hadn’t walked very far when she met a wicked Wolf.

“Where are you going?”, he asked.

“I am taking this food to my granny”, she said.

“That’s very kind of you. Where does your granny live?” he asked.

“Just down this path, near the three large oak trees”.

The Wolf smiled a wicked smile.

“Why not pick some flowers for her?” he said.

Red Riding Hood thought that this was a good idea. The Wolf smiled once again and ran off to find Grandma’s cottage. When he got there he knocked at the door.

“Come in”, called Grandma.

The Wolf opened the door and in a flash ran over to her bed and gobbled her up with one gulp. He then put on her night cap and glasses, climbed into bed and waited for Little Red Riding Hood to come. Soon he heard a knock at the door.

“Come... . Come in”, he called.

Little Red Riding Hood opened the door and went over to the bed.

“Oh, Granny”, she said, “what big ears you have”.

“All the better to hear you with”, said the Wolf.

“But Granny, what big eyes you have”.

“All the better to see you with”, replied the Wolf.

“And Granny, what big teeth you have”.

“All the better to eat you with”, the Wolf growled.

And scarcely had he said that then he jumped out of bed and swallowed her up with one great gulp.

Just then a Woodman called to see how Grandma was. But when he saw the Wolf lying in Grandma’s bed he took his axe and killed it with one blow.

“Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood, where are you?” he called.

“We are in here”, came a faint voice from inside the Wolf.

The Woodman cut the Wolf open and out popped Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma.

“Oh, thank you for saving us from the wicked Wolf”, said Grandma.

With the wicked Wolf gone, Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma lived happily ever after.


Comprehension Practice

A. Listen to the jumbled blocks of the fairy tale The Gingerbread man. Put them in the right order to complete the fairy tale. Do it in writing.

a) It was coming from inside the oven. The little old woman opened the oven door and all at once the Gingerbread man jumped out and onto the floor. He straight away ran out of the kitchen door. The Gingerbread man ran off down the road and the little old woman and the little old man ran after him.

“Stop, little Gingerbread man!”, they shouted.

But the Gingerbread man carried on running and cried, “Run! Run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! I am the Gingerbread man!”. And they could not catch him.

b) A little further on he met a sly old Fox.

“Stop, stop little man!”, said the Fox, “I want to talk to you”.

But the Gingerbread man kept running. And the Fox ran after him. The Fox again called out, “Stop, stop little man! I want to talk to you”.

But the Gingerbread man only ran faster still and shouted, “Run! Run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! I am the Gingerbread man!”.

c) So the little old woman made the gingerbread man and popped it into the oven to bake. Before long it was time for the Gingerbread man to be ready. The little old woman was just bending down to the oven when she heard a tiny voice.

“Let me out. Let me out”.

d) Very soon they came to a river. The Gingerbread man stopped and so did the Fox.

“Oh, dear”, cried the Gingerbread man, “I want to keep on running. But I can’t cross the river”.

“Jump onto my tail”, said the sly old Fox, “and I’ll swim across”.

So the Gingerbread man jumped onto the Fox’s tail and he began to swim across the river.

e) The Gingerbread man carried on running and soon met a Cow.

“Stop, stop little man!”, said the Cow, “You look good to eat”.

But the Gingerbread man just ran even faster saying, “Run! Run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! I am the Gingerbread man!”. And the Cow could not catch him.

f) It was not long before the sly old Fox reached the other side of the river. And as soon as he reached the shore he tossed the Gingerbread man into the air, opened his mouth, and “Snap!” went his teeth.

g) Once upon a time there was a little old man and a little old woman. One day the little old woman decided to make a Gingerbread man. She said to her husband, “I shall make his eyes from two currants, his mouth and nose form bits of lemon peel, and his waistcoat from sugar”.

h) “Oh, no”, cried the Gingerbread man, “I am a quarter gone. Help!”, said the Gingerbread man, “I am half gone!”. Then he cried, “I am three quarters gone”.

i) A little way from the shore he said, “Gingerbread man, you’re getting too heavy for my tail. You will soon get wet. Climb onto my back instead”.

So the Gingerbread man climbed onto the Fox’s back. A little further across the river the sly old Fox said, “Gingerbread man, you’re getting a little heavy for my back. You will soon get wet. Climb onto my nose instead”. So the Gingerbread man climbed onto the tip of the Fox’s nose.

B. Give the Ukrainian equivalent to the title of the fairy tale.

C.Write downyour questions revealing the plot of the fairy tale.

D. Listen to the text, divide it into communicative blocks, entitle them.

E.Listen to the fairy tale, find the logical centres of each communicative block and of the whole text. Write them down.

F. Define the most important paragraphs or sentences in the fairy tale and state their informational value in the communicative progression of the text. Establish a set of linguistic means intensifying their semantic importance.

G. Retell the text of the fairy tale imitating the speaker’s intonation.

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