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Topic 18 Important qualities of a good supervisor

Though (хотя) everyone will work in different places such as a company, a college or university, a factory and so on, I think there are the same standards judging a good supervisor in several aspects.


Firstly, a good supervisor treats his/her staff fairly. He knows how to balance the workload. He will not let some members of his staff do many things while others only do a few things. If he gives you a task, he will tell you in advance. Moreover, he will not ask you complete a project in a few days that actually needs half a month to do. A poor supervisor never considers his employee's feelings. A poor supervisor is usually not a good planer, so he is very nervous when a project comes to its deadline, and he will use his fault to punish his staff. A supervisor like this would certainly not benefit the company.


Secondly, a good supervisor praises (хвалит) or criticizes (критикует) in a straightforward way (в простой форме). If you do very well, he will praise you, and encourage you to do better. If you have made a mistake, he will criticize you face to face, and he will not complain to your co-workers. He will also analyze how to improve your work and point out (указать, отметить, обратить внимание) the ways to do thing right. Furthermore, he will encourage you and trust that you will do well next time.


Thirdly, a good supervisor cares for his staff. He is aware (знает, осведомлён) of your feelings and emotions. When you are sick, he will send you flowers or visit you, or he will arrange other members of staff to see you if he is busy. He treats his staff like family members. He is gentle and cheerful (задорный, жизнелюбивый). Smile often appears on his face when he greets (встречает) you. On the contrary, a poor supervisor often pretends to be serious. He never understands what his subordinates are thinking. His staff will never have a good mood when he is present at work.


Finally, a good supervisor must set a good example (подавать хороший пример) to his staff. He must work hard, and has a strong sense of responsibility about his company. He must understand the operation of the company, and can do every staff s job in his department when necessary. That way he will win respect from his stuff and his spirit can motivate them.


In short, a good supervisor treats his workers fairly (порядочно, честно), cares for their feelings, treat them as family members, and set a good example for them.

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