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Delivering the news

A rag is an informal word for a newspaper and it suggests that it is not of very high quality. The gutter pressis a disapproving term used about the kind of newspapers and magazines that are more interested in crime and sex than serious news. A glossyis an expensive magazine printed on good quality paper.

Journalists produce copy,which has to be ready for a deadline.When everything is ready the newspaper goes to press.A very important story that comes in after going to press may find its way into a stop presscolumn. A very new newspaper or story can be said to be hot off the press.

A story that is only to be found in one newspaper is an exclusive. A scoopis a story discovered and published by one newspaper before all the others. A major story can be said to hit the headlineson the day it is published. At that time the story breaksor becomes public knowledge. If it is an important story it will receive a lot of coverageor space in the press. A newspaper may be taken to court for libelor defamation of characterif it publishes an untrue story that harms a person's reputation. If you are doing research into a news event, you may want to get hold of some previous issues of newspapers, or back copies,and you may wish to make a folder of cuttingsfrom thepapers about the event.

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