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Positive aspects of urbanization in Ukraine


The modern city provides its residents many benefits of economic, social and subjective in nature, namely: availability of jobs and the opportunity to replace them, the concentration of institutions of science and culture, ensuring a highly skilled medical help, the ability to create better housing and social conditions of life, the development of international and regional culture.

One of the advantages of living in a city is the market potential of the population; that is, there is a much greater variety of shopping opportunities than in rural areas. This may result in lower prices and longer shopping hours. Most cities have shopping malls and big box centres with many different stores that stay open long hours, and that often include entertainment, food, recreation, and cultural activities to attract consumers. Many stores are owned by national and international chains, making it difficult for small independent businesses to succeed.

Urban centres are able to provide a variety of services that small rural centres cannot. These might include a public transportation system, water and sewage services, a greater variety of educational and recreational facilities, and larger and more specialized healthcare facilities. On the negative side, cities may experience traffic jams, infrastructure breakdowns such as watermain breaks, lack of appropriate housing and jobs, and institutions that are so large that they become impersonal.

Urban centres also provide a great variety of accommodation for their citizens ranging from individually owned houses to high-density apartments and condominiums. Many new developments include open spaces for playgrounds, schools, and community centres.

Industrial and manufacturing industries are associated with most cities. The presence of such industries can provide cities with locally produced consumer products, employment opportunities, and extra tax revenue.

City versatile. Its inherent complex provides a variety of concentrations of the city economic sustainability. In recent years, in a very difficult situation turned out to be exactly the specialized city, for example, city resorts, city centers of the textile industry. The versatility provides the basis for social diversity. Expanded choice of profession, place of study and work, of leisure, self-education, and meetings of interest. The inhabitants of the wealth of multi-functional communication. And as economic centers and multi-functional as a medium of life of the city preferred. The policy of multi-functionality in the development of logical and natural. Even when the city retains a specialization, he has the opportunity to become a sort of specialized complex. It plays the role of the main function of the rod around which formed the accompanying and complementary activities. In addition, the city is dynamic and in the development and functioning. He is characterized by a high concentration of interactions. The dynamism of the city is manifested in the transformation of the functional structure, territorial growth, remodeling, upgrading buildings, to enrich the urban environment, an influx of new people. These properties gave rise to the concept of a dynamic city.

The city has historically layered It decorates the city property can also give rise to many difficulties, to erect barriers to the development and reconstruction. In the historic towns of visible history. To it you can touch This is a city with a special atmosphere Concern that the city acquire and retain the historical layering should occur in respect of new towns It should use historical memory location, its historical spirit. Due to continuous updating, dynamism, concentration, diversity, special properties of the multi media, the city is a place of origin, formation and development of the new. The main purpose of the real city - be the engine of progress. P.G.Schedrovitsky said that "... the city is a form of cultivation and a resource for development", "... the city can build a community meeting with his own future."

A high intellectual capacity makes the city the spiritual workshop of humanity. This ability to be a generator of ideas related to its particular urban environment, which must be regarded as one of the main resources of the city.

Urban environments - complex, a key concept The study of the properties and characteristics of the urban environment opens the way to the knowledge of the city, its nature as a phenomenon. The urban environment - an essential part of building the city. It allows you to realize the creative potential of society and promotes the accumulation of the energy company to move forward.

The city environment is a combination of many different channels of mass communication, forms and ways of communicating, connecting to various sources of information. It is a fundamental feature - the growing diversity. O.N.Yanitsky concludes that scientific progress can not develop without growing diversity of relationships and communication. Diversity creates a breadth of opportunities for inclusion in an infinite world of human culture.

Urban environment determines the attractiveness of the city. A.S.Ahiezer sociologist believes that the quality of urban environment, ultimately depends on the ability of cities, on the one hand, be the center of the creative forces of society to realize and focus creativity and, on the other hand, create the necessary conditions to be attached to each individual various forms of city life.

An urban environment characterized by multicomponent It is formed and the material (the elements of city and nature), and spiritual components. Population - a subject on which is oriented environment. And at the same time, it is an element of protection. The composition of the population is very strongly influenced by the state and properties of the medium.


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