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Communicative Focus

Task 12. Hand in your reports on how to change software and avoid extra costs. Your teacher will hand out these reports written by you as a home assignment at the beginning of the next class, checked and commented on by him/her.


Task 13. Now your teacher will hand out milestone lists of the Ukrainian publishing companies and your reports written by you as a home assignment for the previous class, checked and commented on by him/her. After you look through the comments made by the teacher on your organisational structure chart descriptions, ask him/her questions if you do not quite understand or have doubts about some comments.


Task 14. Open your Workbooks in order to check Tasks 1-4.


Task 15. Match the three main accounting documents (1-3) with the best description (a-c). (You have 5 minutes for this task)

    1. balance sheet 2. profit and loss account 3. cash flow statement a. to show managers whether a business made or lost money over a specific period b. to indicate inflow and outflow of money over a specific period, in particular to make sure it does not run out c. to provide a snapshot of a business's value at a particular point in time, showing what it has and what it owes


Task 16. Match the three main types of accounting documents to the simplified examples below. Why are some numbers listed in brackets? (You have 5 minutes for this task)




Net sales (c) Cost of sales Gross profit Selling, general, and administrative expenses Operating profit (d) Other income Earnings before taxes Taxes Net income 250.000 (80.000) 170.000 (65.000) 105.000 20 000 125,000 (25.000) 100,000

Task 17. Look at the quotations about economics below and say whether you agree (or disagree) with them. How do you understand these quotations? (You have 10 minutes for this task).

A. Economics is a subject that does not greatly respect one's wishes.

Nikita Khrushchev

B. The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it.

Thomas Sowell


Task 18. Which of these phrases would a Finance Director of a printing production be likely to use when talking about the economic policy and economic conditions of the Publishing Company under his/her own guidance and which about the economic policy and economic conditions under a previous Finance Director (You have 10 minutes for this task).


build on success extend opportunity meet with success safety steer the economy steady growth uninterrupted growth soaring profits make costs rise to reduce costs have more control over steady and secure income protect someone’s interest rapidly falling profits develop previous success

Task 19. Work in pairs of two or three. Imagine that you are the new Finance Director of a publishing company and are going to talk about the economic policy and economic conditions of the Publishing Company under your supervision and under control of a previous Finance Director. Write a speech and deliver it in front of the class (You have 10 minutes for this task).


Task 20. Work in pairs of two. Imagine that one of you is an employee and the second is his supervisor. The employee would like to take part in fair-trade conference in Berlin and he/she should ask her supervisor that the company pay for this trip. Make up a dialogue based on the scheme below.


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