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On, over, to, for, in, by, to, in

1. to legislate … all areas

2. to be apportioned … the basis of population

3. to have equal representation …

4. to remove … impeachment

5. to be referred … committees …

6. to appoint … a committee

7. to preside … the Convention's deliberations


TASK VII.Use reference books or Glossary to explain the following:

direct taxation; unconditional veto power; quasi-judicial bodies


TASK VIII.Find the words in bold type in the text and replace them by their synonyms where possible:

to credit with – believe, consider, ascribe to a person;

to credit for –bring honor, esteem to;

to draft – draw up, design, construe;

to revise – adapt, change, amend, modify, alter, review, transform;

ultimately – finally, eventually, at last;

nominee - candidate;

to constitute – make up, form up;

to resemble– be or look like, take after, be similar to, appear like;

to empower – grant, authorize, permit;

to underscore -accentuate, bring out, italicize, stress, underline,emphasize

to persuade–convince, talk smb into smth;

to convince –prove, persuade, assure;

to prompt – instigate, arouse, provoke, inspire;

palatable – agreeable, savory;

rival– competitor, emulator;

endorsement – support, sanction, approval, confirmation.

bias – influence, prejudice.


TASK IXTranslate the following sentences:

1. Washington emerged out of formal retirement from public life to serve as a member of the Virginia delegation, persuaded to do so despite personal doubts about the chances for the Convention's success.

2. Though he gave only one brief speech during the four months of the Convention, his presence alone was assurance that many Americans would find the Constitution palatable.

3. His acceptance of the office, his endorsement of the Constitution, and his signing of that document and the Convention's letter transmitting the Constitution to the Confederation Congress were essential contributions to the ultimate success of the ratification campaign.

4. Furthermore, Washington's silent dignity and reserve in presiding over the Convention's deliberations helped to preserve the delegates' sense of the seriousness of their task and to hold the Convention together.

TASK X.Use the text to complete the chart about various plans offered at the convention:

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