Interior Design

1 Introduction

1.1 Read the text title and hypothesize what the text is about. Write down your hypothesis.


1.2 What do you know concerning this issue? List your ideas in the table left column I know.

I know that I have learnt that


1.3 If you know answers to these questions write them down in the space given after each question.


What is interior design?
What interiors do designers plan and create?
What are the most important elements of interior design?
How can you define the word style?
What effect may dark-colored walls produce?
When is a design in scale?
What must a designer consider before developing a plan for an interior?


1.4 Circle in the list the words and expressions you know. Write down their translation in the table and calculate the percentage of your lexical competence.


the overall mood   to absorb the light  
furnishing   pale-colored  
to fit the mood   to reflect light  
to re-create   inappropriate  
during the reign   contemporary style  
free-flowing   pattern  
to suit the purpose   to provide comfort  
to provide comfort   electric outlet  

Interior design is the art of creating rooms and other indoor areas that are attractive, comfortable, and useful. Carpeting, draperies, furniture, lighting, paint, wall coverings, and many other items may contribute to the creation of an interior. Interior decoration involves the careful selection of each item to suit the areas purpose and the overall mood desired.

Most people think of interior design in terms of decorating the room of a house or apartment. But professionals called interior designers also plan and create interiors of hotels and motels, hospitals, libraries, office buildings, schools, and stores. They also design the indoor areas of banks, churches, theatres, and transportation terminals.


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