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KEY WORDS. Teaching Across Age Levels

Teaching Across Age Levels


1. Which factors do you think are important in teaching children?

2. Do you think it takes a very special person to be able to teach children?

3. What do you know about motivational factors for different age groups?

4. Can you think of things you could do with children but which would not be suitable for adults?

5. Can you think of things you could do with children but which would not be suitable for teenagers?


· Teaching Children

· Teaching Adults

· Teaching in Between



After completing this chapter you should be able to

1. name and describe five categories that teacher should take into account when teaching foreign languages in primary schools

2. define the concept of “attention span”

3. explain what “rules” for teaching children can apply to teaching adults

4. explain why a very special set of consideration should be applied to teaching teenagers

5. describe the ways to stimulate all 5 senses



intellectual development; attention span; sensor input; affective factors; authentic language; teenagers; intellectual capacity



· Teaching Children

To successfully teach children a foreign language requires specific skills and intuitions that differ from those that you would use for adult teaching.

Five categories may help to give you some practical approaches to teaching children.

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