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Anti-smoking vaccine developed

BNE:Help may be just around the corner for smokers wishing to kick the habit. A Swiss company has tested an experimental anti-nicotine vaccine and has come up with impressive success rates. Cytos Biotechnology believes it has the best answer to date to fight nicotine addiction. Clinical trials on 341 heavy smokers revealed that 40 percent of those who received the vaccine stopped smoking. All smokers who took the vaccine developed antibodies that helped reject the desire for a cigarette.

The vaccine works by inducing the production of nicotine antibodies to block its entry to the brain. This reduces the dependence on nicotine and curbs any pleasurable effects it has for smokers, thus helping people to break their addiction. The drug may be particularly useful to prevent relapses after quitting. “Just one” cigarette is enough to revive an addiction to nicotine for those who thought they had quit. This is good news for the world’s 1.3 billion smokers, five million of whom die each year from smoking.


Voice-over 1 The body polish

JoannaSo? What did you think?

StephenIt was just horrible! Horrible. Fruit’s eating, not for putting on your body. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable. And I got so stupid. I’d never have that again. I give it zero out of ten.

Joanna Sticky? It was fruit for goodness’ sake I thought it was wonderful. It smells so good and it was incredibly relaxing. I mean how could anybody not like it? And the head massage was divine! That was one of my favorite spa treatments ever. Ten out of ten OK, so now, the facial.

Stephen Hmm. How long is this one?

Joanna One hour 40 minutes.

Stephen Oh you’re joking? That’s too long.

JoannaToo long? It’ll be heaven. See you later.


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