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Translate the first two paragraphs of the text without dictionary. Guess the meaning of highlighted words or phrases, explain them.

Guess the meaning of highlighted words or phrases, explain them.


Reading the text and retelling

Body fat

The testing started by measuring body fat. Not surprisingly, the one with the most was the shot putter, and the one with the least was the tennis player.


The athletes had to run at a speed which was controlled by an audio signal from a cassette. After each minute, the signal got faster, and they had to try to keep going for as long as possible. The first to get tired was the shot putter who lasted 10 minutes followed by the canoeist (“you don’t have to run in a canoe!”), and the runner, not surprisingly, lasted the longest.


When they had recovered, they had to do some stretching. This gave the shot putter the chance to win some points, and he was the most flexible, followed by the runner.


The next test involved lifting weights to test the strength of their arms. Logically, the shot putter was the strongest. Then leg strength was measured using a jump test, and the runner jumped the highest, 1 cm more than the canoeist.


An electronic timing system was used to measure sprinting speed and the result, a surprise, was that the tennis player was the fastest, just ahead of the footballer, and the shot putter was last.

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