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Education and Research: VOICES supports curriculum development for BA, MA and postgraduate research students in Kazan, Samara and Udmurt universities, offering high quality courses in EU law, EU economy, European integration and EU-Russia relations and European social and cultural policy through the support of teaching staff via a system of grants and summer schools. Also the Centre facilitates research and academic exchange between the Russias Volga Region and EU academics providing local scholars and PhD students with the opportunity to visit EU universities.

VOICES is preparing Joint Masters Degree on EU studies with University of Portsmouth which will be the regions first.

The EU Centre publishes a monograph and book series and a journal/working paper called European societies research

Outreach: The EU centre organizes EU Info days, expert seminars and public lectures on EU related issues. It publishes a Your Europe. Universitys review of EU newspaper Your Europe. Universitys review of EU. The Students Euro-club provides opportunities for discussions, obtaining new knowledge and networking with students in the region and abroad interested in European Integration Studies.

Centre helps update EU related library sources and advertises them.

Major events in 2012 included:

The establishment of the Student Euro-club at Kazan State University, its activities have included on-line seminars with Warsaw University and the University of Grenoble; a meeting with Fernando Valenzuela, Ambassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Union; essay contests and photo competitions amongst other events.

The International Conference EU economics, politics and society in uncertain times: implications for the EU Russia relationship (30-31 May) with distinguished speakers from England, Holland, Sweden and Germany and the Summer School European Studies in the Curricula (1-4 June).

The International Interdisciplinary Workshop "European identity" in the EU and Russia: daily life and public discourse" (Kazan, 6-7 December 2012).

Competitions and workshops with EUVREK for children.

Photo Exhibitions City without Barriers and Your Europe.


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