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VII Speak on the main points of the text. Given schemes will help you.




AIM OF THE UNIT:-tounderstand constant frequency/IDG



1 Do your best to answer the brainstorming questions. 2 Read the text for general understanding.

3 Make up four types of questions to the text. 4 Find the sentences with the new words in the text. Give the Kazakh or Russian

equivalents ofthe words.

5 Write sentences with the new vocabulary. 6Speak on the topic. Given schemes will help you to remember and understand

the topic.

7 Find more information about the topic and make up a project work on the topic.

Brainstorming questions

1 What are the main features of CF/IDG power?

2 What is the drawback of the hydro mechanical CSD?

The main features of CF/IDG power. In common with all the other power generation types this has to cater for a 2:1 ratio in engine speed between maximum power and ground idle. The Constant Speed Drive (CSD) in effect acts as an automatic gearbox, maintaining the generator shaft speed at a constant rpm which results in a constant frequency output of 400 Hz, usually within approximately 10 Hz or less. The drawback of the hydromechanical CSD is that it needs to be correctly maintained in terms of oil charge level and oil cleanliness. Also to maintain high reliability frequent overhauls may be necessary. That said, the IDG is used to power the majority of civil transport aircraft today.

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