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Chapter 10 The End of Red Fox


Neil Roy Macrob's brother took me in his boat to a place in Alan's country of Appin. I got out of the boat somewhere near the trees. Behind and above the trees I could see high mountains. There was a small road. I sat down near it and looked round. After a time, I heard men and horses. Two men came along the road. The first man was big with red hair. He was very hot and red in the face. The second man was in black clothes.'A lawyer,' I thought. They stopped when they saw me. There were other men behind them.

'What are you doing here?' asked the man with red hair.

' I'm looking for James of Aucharn,' I said.

'James of Aucharn?' he said. He turned to the lawyer. 'Is he going to fight, do you think ?'

'I don't know, Glenure,' said the lawyer. 'But I'll say this again. Why don't we wait here for the soldiers ?'

I knew then. The man with red hair was Colin of Glenure — the Red Fox.

' You don't have to be afraid of me,' I said,' I'm not one of James Stewart's men, and I'm not one of yours. I'm nobody's man, only King George's.'

' Good boy!' said Glenure.' But I am an important man here, and- '

Suddenly, there was the sound of a gun from somewhere up on the hill. At the same time, Glenure fell down on the road.

' I'm dying!' he said.' Be careful! I'm dying.'

The lawyer went down and took Glenure in his arms. Buthe could do nothing for the man with red hair.

For a minute I did nothing. Then I shouted, 'The murderer!' I started to run through the trees and up the hill behind them.

When I came to the top, I saw the murderer. He was a big man in a black coat. He had a long gun.

' Here!' I shouted down to the men on the road.' I can see him!'

The murderer looked round. Then he ran through some trees and out on to the mountain above them. I followed quickly. I was near the higher trees when somebody cried,' Stop!'

I looked round. The lawyer shouted,' Come down!' to me. Soldiers with red coats started to come through the trees below me. They carried guns, and they climbed fast.

' Come down, boy!' shouted the lawyer.

' No!' I called down to him.' You come up! We can catch him.'

' I'll give you ten pounds when you take that boy!' the lawyer called to the soldiers.' He's with them! They sent him here and he stopped Glenure. Get him! Kill him!'

He shouted to the soldiers, but I heard him. I suddenly understood. 'They think I'm working with the murderer!' I thought.

Some of the soldiers began to move up to me. Other soldiers put up their guns. I couldn't move.

' Quickly!' said somebody near me.' In here! In the trees!'

I ran into the trees.Then I heard the guns.

Alan Breck stood under the trees. He said,' Come with me!' and started running. I followed him.

We ran through the trees and round rocks on the mountain. We ran fast. I could't think and I couldn't speak. But sometimes Alan stood and looked at the soldiers. Then I understood. He wanted the soldiers to see him! Every time, we heard excited shouts from the soldiers behind us.

After quarter of an hour, Alan stopped. He sat down on the ground and turned to me.

' Now,' he said,' this is important. Follow me — for your life!'

We moved fast, but more carefully. We turned and ran back across the hill.Then Alan suddenly sat down under the trees. I fell down next to him.


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