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Jerome, also born of Christian parents, was baptized at Syridon, when he was thirty years old.

Augustine, Adeolatus, Alipius, Euodius, Epiphanies, with his sister, all baptized upon faith. Conclusion of baptism. in the fourth century.

That the holy order of the baptism of Jesus Christ was practiced also in the fourth century, appears from various teachings and examples of the fathers, from which, we shall present only a few, but such as are certain and genuine testimonies.

A. D. 301.-At the close of the preceding century, for A. D. 300, we introduced the eminent Arnobius, and showed that, speaking of baptism, he says, "That the candidates for baptism, when they are baptized, state before the minister their perfect willingness, and make their confession with their own lips."

This Arnobius follows us also in the beginning of this century, namely through the years 301, 302, 303, 304; and having not abandoned his previous views regarding this matter, he confirms them with the following testimonies.

Speaking against the tenets of the Romanists, who ordain consecrated, or, properly speaking, exorcised water for baptism, he writes thus (in Psalm 74), "It is written: Thou breakest the heads of the dragons in the waters; that is," says he,"the heads of the dragons in baptism;" but by saying, in the 'waters, he means to signify that the same baptism can be administered in all kinds of waters, as, in rivers, lakes, wells, baths, seas, etc. In these the head of the dragon, that is Satan, is broken in all waters. Jacob Mehrn. Ba:¢t. Hist., page 323.

Of the virtue and benefit of baptism be teaches as follows, Psalm 32, where the Psalmist says, "In the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him," upon which he remarks, "that men, by the true water of baptism, draw nigh to God, who is a refuge from- the fear of Satan that encompasses us." Jacob Mehrn., page 324.

Again, Psalm 32, he says, "Man is redeemed; no angel, nor any other creature, but man alone praises his mercy, says the Lord, whose sins He forgives in baptism." Jacob Mehrn., page 325.

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