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Revision Material

1. Be ready to discuss the basic assumptions for the definition of parts of speech as the taxonomic classes of words.

2. Comment on oppositional relations between different parts of speech.

3. Give comments on the interparadigmatic homonymy as being relevant to structural ambiguity in Modern English.

4. Get ready to discuss the opposition "oneness — plurality" as being expressed in Modern English.

5. Comment on functional transpositions of singular forms in the category of number.

6. Be ready to discuss the problem of case in Modern English.

7. Comment on the polysemy of the possessive case.

8. Give comments on the synonymic "encounter" of the 's-genitive and the of-phrase.

9. Describe the distributional value of the of-phrase in Modern English.

10. Give illustrative examples of stylistic transpositions in the grammar of nouns. Compare similar developments in other languages.

11. Comment on the use of the group-genitive in Modern English.

12. Be ready to give comments on the linguistic change going on in present-day English in the use of the 's-genitive at the expense of the of-phrase.

13. Be ready to discuss the problem of the article in Modern English.

14. Give comments on the absence of the article functioning as a term in the article system.

15. Variations in the use of the articles and their significant absence must be examined in the grammatical environment in which nouns occur. The meaning of the article reveals itself in actual speech. Can you give a few examples to illustrate the statement?

16. Difficulties often arise when the presence and absence of the article signals contrasted structural relationships. Give examples to illustrate the statement.

17. Review your knowledge of the stylistic functions of the articles in Modern English.

1 See: B. Fоster. The Changing English Language. Great Britain, 1971.

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