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Text and discourse

The original words of something written or printed, as opposed to a paraphrase, translation, revision, or condensation. There are two types of text: according to channel (oral and written) and according to structure message (literary, humanistic, scientific-technician, juridical, administrative, advertising, colloquial and journalistic). Text have got two properties: coherence and cohesion. Coherence property is to give the sensation that one speaks of the same thing. Cohesion property is a group of mechanism to connect the parts of a text. Text is an semantic, syntactic and pragmatic structure constituted for several levels of organization. The process of activation of the text by relating it to a context of use we call discourse. Characteristics: 1. contextuallity – a unity of represented events, the participants of these events, attendant circumstances, their background and estimation of the events by the participants. 2. personality – a concrete interaction of two individuals; its an act of self-expression in a communicative situation. 3. processuality – viewing discourse not as a final product (result), but as a process of alternation of two stages. Generation of utterances & their interpretation by both communicants in their common effort to work-out the structure of discourse at every concrete moment 4. situativity – the correspondence between discourse & the norms of the language situation, the communicative situation & sociative situation, provided by the discourse coordinates by the time space. 5. closeness & completeness.

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