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Vocabulary practice. 1. In the text find the opposites to the given words

1. In the text find the opposites to the given words.

roughly shred disorganize monopolize stop succeed break

2. Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given.


1. An operating system … a computer’s resources, such as Ram, storage space, and peripherals.

a) allocates b) defines c) manages d) accommodates

2. To … more than one program at a time, the operating system must allocate specific areas of Ram for each program.

a) store b) install c) fix d) run

3. A graphical user-interface provides a way to point and click a mouse to … menu options and manipulate objects that appear on the screen.

a) feature b) deal with c) select d) manage

4. Handheld devices, such as PDAs and smartphones typically … single-user operating systems.

a) feature b) retrieve c) include d) establish

5. OS communicates with device driver software so that data can travel … between the computer and peripheral resources.

a) roughly b) smoothly c) simultaneously d) primary

6. Desktop operating systems are designed to accommodate a single user, but might also provide network … .

a) variety b) security c) capability d) compatibility


3. Make three-word combinations using the words in columns and then fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

A: multiuser B: operating C: system

third user technologies

desktop enhancing interface

graphical operating system

performance party utilities


1. IBM’s OS/390 is one of the most popular mainframe … .

2. A computer can take advantages of … .

3. A … features menus and icons that you can manipulate with a click of a mouse.

4. A …, such as Windows, is designed for personal computers.

5. WinZip, WinAce are … that offer a variety of compression options.


4. Fill in the gaps in the text.

___ (computer/application) software tells the operating system what to do. The operating system tells the ___ (device/tool) drivers, device drivers tell the ___ (software/hardware), and the hardware actually does the work. The operating system___ (interacts/competes) with application software, device drivers, and hardware to ___ (manage/define) a computer’s ___ (resources/compatibility).

The core part of an operating system is called the ___ (kernel/cycle). In addition to this core, many operating systems ___ (provide/schedule) helpful tools, called ___ (utilities/capabilities).


Speaking. Discuss the following questions.

1. What is an operating system?

2. What does an operating system do?

3. How does an operating system manage processor resources?

4. Why does an operating system manage memory?

5. Where is the operating system stored?

6. What are utilities? What are the most popular ones?

7. How does the operating system affect the user interface?


Text C

Reading. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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