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George Blake, b. 1922

Born in Holland, he was a famous traitor and Russian spy, During the Second World War, he was a member of the Dutch resistance until he escaped to England, joined the Navy and changed his name to Blake. He joined the intelligence services and was captured in Korea while serving in the British Embassy in Seoul. Blake was released in 1953 but had been secretly converted to communism while a prisoner. He then served as an agent for MI6 and as a double agent for the Russians, first in Berlin and later in

prison and was smuggled out to Moscow by the Ru

Lee Harvey Oswald, 1940—1963

In 1963 the world was shaken by the news t Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas, Texas, whil airport. The man arrested for this terrible crime w Oswald. After service in the U.S. Marine Corps, O the Soviet Union for a time and married a Russian gir to the United States he was for a time involved revolutionary elements. On 22r,d November 19G3 he taken a rifle into the Texas Book Depository in Da worked, and shot President Kennedy and Governor C as they drove past. Conaily survived, but the Presid afterwards. Oswald tried to escape, shooting a police to stop him. He was caught, but was later shot dead b be brought to trial by the night-club owner Jack R got into the police station. The Warren Comm investigated the assassination, stated that Oswald ha but many people do not agree, and there are still questions concerning the killing left unanswered.

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Father Brown

One of the great figures of detective fiction is Father Brown, created by UK.Chesterton (1874—1936) and largely based on his friend Father John O'Connor. Father Brown is a plump, moon-faced Roman Catholic priest from Essex, apparently vague and harmless, never separated from his largt= black umbrella and several brown paper parcels tied up with a string. In fact Father Brown is a master of detection as Chesterton showed in forty-nine stories published between 1911 and 1935. He finds himself involved, more or less by chance, in a crime, which he solves by using common sense and his vast knowledge of human nature. Father Brown appeared on film in 1954, with Alec Guinness in the title role, and later in a television series, starring Kenneth More

Sherlock Holmes

The famous fictional detective of Victorian times was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859—1930) who based the brilliant deductive method and personality of his character on Dr. Joseph Bell, under whom he had worked as a surgeon. Holmes with his incredible powers of deduction, his mastery of disguise and his scientific brilliance, first appeared in The Strand Magazine in 1882 in a story called A Study in Scarlet together with his faithful chronicler Dr. John Watson Longer novels, collections of short stories continued to appear up until The Casv of Sherlock Holmes (1927). But Conan Doyle had already been tired of his creation and had once tried to kill him off with his rival Professor Moriarty, but public pressure had secured his return. The stories remain hugely popular and have provided material for countless films and TV series. But the phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson" was never uttered by Holmes and is a later invention^

Ellery Queen

This was at the same time the name of a fictional detective and also the pen-name of the two authors, Frederick Dannay (1905— 1971) and Manfred Lee (b. 1905). The books written by 'Ellery Quee$J are about Ellery Queen, an American playboy writer of

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detective stories, who keeps getting involved in mysteries himself. He first appeared in The Roman Hat Mysttzry in 1929, and in many later books. He was also the hero of several films made between 1935 and 1943, and Peter Lawford starred in a television series based on the books in 197L Ellery Queen (the author) also founded a Mystery Magazine, which was a popular outlet for detective stories by other writers.

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