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Ex. 10. Complete the sentences with the required adjective from the list

1. Statistically, it is ___ to travel by air than to drive a car. 2. Signaling systems on high-speed railways are ___ than signal devices on usual lines. 3. Indian Railway is one of ___ and ___ rail networks in the world that carries more than sixteen million passengers daily. 4. Diesel and electric locos are ___ and ___ than steam locos. 5. The engine trouble was ___ than we expected. 6. The Konkan Railway in India crosses 2,134 bridges and viaducts. This rail line has ___ viaduct in Asia (its height is 64m) and ___ railway tunnel in India (its length is 6.5km). 7. ___ metro system in the world is built in St.Petersburg: some stations and tunnels lie 100-120 meters below the surface. 8. The Moscow-St. Petersburg railway is ___ and ___ mainline in our country. 9. Broken stone (щебёнка) is ___ material for ballast. 10. The first locomotive called “Rocket” was much ___ and ___ than modern locomotives. 11. ___ trains in the world carry such freight as iron ore and coal. 12. ___ passenger cars, about 5 m long and 2 m wide, were practically stagecoaches with railroad wheels. Soon ___ cars with six wheels instead of four were introduced. a) the deepest b) the oldest c) the biggest d) the busiest e) the tallest f) the longest g) the heaviest h) the earliest i) the most famous j) the most suitable k) smaller l) lighter m) safer n) cleaner o) larger p) moreefficient q) morecomplex r) more serious


Ex. 11. Read the sentences and translate them, paying attention to the modal verbs must, should, can, may.

1. Drivers of express and fast trains must have a rest after 3 hours of work.

2. The tickets should not be thrown away as conductors may check them during the trip.

3. What can you do while traveling by train? You can read a novel or do a crossword puzzle, you can stare out of the window or talk to your traveling companion, you just can sit back and listen to the clicking of the carriage over the rails.

4. This ticket may only be used by the person who has bought it.

5. In Metro, when the passengers get on the escalator, they should stand on the right so that people who hurry can run by on the left.

6. All trains must be regularly serviced, so that passengers can be sure that they are traveling in safety.

7. The inside body of the passenger car should be finished with materials that are easily washed.

8. Passengers may pay the subway fare with tokens or they may buy a pass for a specific period of time.

9. Additional carriages can be coupled (прицеплять) to the train as needed.

10. Several locomotives must be used to draw such a long and heavy container train.

11. A common carrier (компания грузопассажирских перевозок) may remove a passenger from its service for the refusal to pay a fare.

12. You should check all your electrical equipment regularly.


Ex. 12. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. The Trans-Europe expresses are equipped with interurban telephones… 2. A wagon must be cleaned before… 3. Train tickets can be booked now over the Internet or mobile phones… 4. You should be at the airport… 5. In Hungary, students and children between the age of 6 and 14… 6. Passengers should keep their tickets… 7. Tobacco cannot be advertised… 8. Special cars must be used for transporting… 9. Passengers shouldn’t walk across the railway lines… 10. Stephenson's first steam locomotive could draw… a) there is a footbridge at the end of the platform. b) may get train tickets 50% cheaper. c) though this method carries an additional surcharge. d) on public transport. e) oil and other liquid goods. f) a small train of loaded cars at a speed of 13 mph. g) an hour before departure. h) till the end of the trip. i) over which the traveler can contact office or home. j) it will be used for another run.  


Ex. 13. Complete the sentences with a modal verb.

1. Passengers ___ check their tickets after buying to be sure that it is the correct ticket.

2. In Hungary, children under 6 years and seniors over 65 years from EU countries ___ travel by rail without charge.

3. On this section of the line, the trains’ speed ___ be limited to 40 mph.

4. ___ you show me the nearest way to the station?

5. Baggage ___ not be left unattended in the terminal building.

6. Passengers ___ go by subway all day long for the same fare if they only change trains but don’t go out of the station.

7. You ___ call the station to enquire about train times.

8. Trains ___ run according to the timetable.

9. As Finland has the same railway gauge (ширина колеи) as Russia, high-speed trains ___ cross the border without stopping.

10. Such long and heavy container trains ___ be powered by several locos


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