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Student A Student B

1. Great Britain – to be a parliamentary monarchy. What-it-to mean? 2. How many chambers – the British Parliament – to consist of? 3. Both Houses – to be elected? 4. How many members – to be-there House?   1. There – to be the King or the Queen – and the Parliament. 2. … the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 3. The members of the House of Commons – to be elected by general election. The seats in the House of Lords – to be hereditary. 4. The House of Commons-to have 660 the members. The House of Lords-to have 850 members.

19. Learn the dialogues.

1) – Is England a monarchy or a parliamentary republic?

– Britain is a parliamentary monarchy.

– How is that?

– It’s simple: there’s the King or the Queen and there’s a parliament enjoying the right to pass laws and elect the government.


2) – There are 2 chambers in British Parliament, aren’t there?

– Yes, the House of Lords and House of Commons.

– The seats in Parliament are hereditary, aren’t they?

– Not exactly. The seats are hereditary in the House of Lords but as to the members of the House of Commons, they are elected every 5 years.


3) – Неllo, Steve. Nice to see you again.

– Hello Paul. Havenʾt seen you for ages. Where have you been?

– Iʾve been in England as matter of fact. Iʾve seen the Houses of Parliament and the Backingham Palace where the Queen lives.

– Does she rule the country?

– The Queen reigns, but doesnʾt rule. Queen Elizabeth II ascended the British throne in 1953.Great Britain is a constitutional monarchу. The Queen acts through Parliament on the advice of her Prime Minister.

– Does she make any political decisions?

– No, she doesnʾt. By the way, no king or queen of England is allowed to enter the House of Commons.

– I see you are full of impression. Would you have time to drop round and have a chat with us this evening? I know my parents would be glad to see you.

– Thanks, Iʾd like to very much.

– Good, see you tonight then.

– Fine.


20. Role play. Work in two groups, one – acting MPs supporting the bills to be introduced the other – rejecting it. Discuss all pros and cons of the bills given below, and give your arguments:

– The UK accepting the "Euro" as payment.

– Canceling the heredity principal of Lords as MPs.

– Restrictions of monarch's powers in the UK.

– Efficiency of the multi-party system.

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