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Put questions to the sentences.


1. The Conservative Party was founded in the middle of the 19th century. (When?)

2. The Government is formed by the Prime Minister. (Whom by?)

3. The Conservative Party is supported by the rich people. (What people by?)

4. 650 members are elected to the House of Commons. (How many?)

5. Prime Ministers hold Cabinet meetings at their house at number 10 Downing Street. (Where?)


14. Compose sentences using the following words:


Prime Minister at the head of majority constitutional monarchy member to debate to preside over to rule to support to form

Complete the following sentences.

1) Prime Minister is the leader of the party that...

2) The highest executive power is …

3) A "Shadow Cabinet" is formed by....

4) The official residence of the British Prime Minister is ...

5) Тhе party which has majority of seats in the House of Commons forms ...


Explain the meaning of the following words and word-combinations.


1. The Cabinet; 2.The House of Commons;

3.The Prime Minister; 4. A parliamentary monarchy.

Speech practice


Complete the dialogues.

1) – (Из каких палат состоит парламент?)

– The Parliament consist of 2 chambers: the House of Lords an the House of Commons.

– How many members has the House of Commons?

– ….

2) – Is the Queen at the head of the state?

– ….

– (Чем ограничена власть Королевы?)

– Her powers’ are limited by the Parliament.

– (Какова главная функция Парламента?)

– The main function of Parliament is to make laws, to control the Government, to appropriate funds.


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