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Test 103

1. Soho (use) to be considered one of (dirty) and (dangerous) places in London, but it (clean up) in (-, a, the) early 1980s.

2. Today Soho is one of (lively) and (bohemian) areas of London, with cafes (which, what, that) stay open (-, a, the) day and night.

3. Alexander Gustave Eiffel (design) (-, a, the) Eiffel Tower which is situated in the centre of Paris.

4. I'm sorry but all the tickets (sell) for this performance.

5. The survivors (pick) out of the water by a cruise liner, which (hear) their distress call.

6. The classroom was empty when I came in. The class (was, were) all on a school outing.

7. Mr. Derec asked his assistant if he (read) the reports and added that he (want) to go through them himself.

8. The teacher explained that the Moon (go) round the Earth, but one of the pupils didn't believe that the Moon (be) flat and asked at what temperature water (boil) there.

9. I'm sure Robert realized how wrong he (be). He (must, can, may) have realized everything.

10. It's possible that they (sell) (their, there) house soon. I (may, can, must) see it as soon as possible.

11. New York City is one of (large) and densely populated (cities, city) in the world.

12. David is (good) player of all. He (play) (good) than anyone else.

13.1 never (know) such an independent young woman. She's (independent) woman I've ever met.

14. We have holidays twice ... year. I like to spend my holiday travelling. My car can go 200 km ... hour. Last year I spent ... month cruising down ... Nile, (a, the, -)

15. ... French , ... Scottish and ... Japanese are very friendly as well as ... Americans and ... Greeks, (a, the, -)

16. Have you lived in ... same city and in ... same street all your life? - Oh, no. I've lived in ... State Street only for ... year, but before it I lived in ... High Street, (a, the, -)

17. The train is late but nobody (know) the reason (for, of, about) the delay.

18. I should ban cars. (All, no, none) cars pollute the air, don't ... ? - Well, except electric (one, ones), I suppose.

19. What kind of fruit (should, can, must) I eat to stay healthy? - I don't think it matters. (All, more, many) fruit (be) good for you.

20. I knew there (be) a power cut because it was so dark everywhere. - Yes, (some, all) the lights in (our, ours) street went cut.

21. What (happen) alongside the river Thames of late? - The old warehouses (transform) into galleries, shops and clubs.

22. How Soho (change)? - It (clean), there are pavement cafes, so it (become) a meeting place.

23. One Sunday afternoon Tim and his (old) sister (sit) at home watching TV. Their parents (go out) for the day.

24. He didn't remember that he (order) to appear before the judge.

25. May Week at Cambridge University (celebrate) neither in May nor a week.

26. If you (not, come) late, they (let) you in and you (have) a good rest.

' 27. The police inspector asked me where I (be) the night before, at the time of the burglary.

28. The manager asked his secretary if he (be) using the computer to find the secret code.

29. It wasn't necessary for her to come so early, but she did. She (needn't, mustn't, can't) have come so early.

30. It's a pity he never patented his invention.If he (patent) it, he (make) a lot of money.

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