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I. Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Continuous or Past Continuous tenses.

1. I think that Lexus ___ (belong) to our Marketing Director.

2. At present, we ___ (sell) our products all over the world.

3. Every day, many graduates ___ (search) the Internet for suitable job vacancies.

4. I ___ (work) on a big project in Turkey now.

5. What items ___ you ___ (order) last week?

6. The company staff ___ (discuss) the price policy yesterday.

7. Where ___ they ___ (live) when they had their first baby?

8. While I ___ (check) the figures on the spreadsheet, I noticed a serious mistake.

9. The negotiations ___ (go) very well until their boss arrived on the scene.

10. When I ___ (join) the company, my financial situation improved.


II. Choose the correct form of the words in brackets.

11. Printers ___ (must deliver / must be delivered) by the end of the week.

12. We have been experiencing ___ (some / any) technical problems.

13. We apologize for ___ (any / some) inconvenience caused by the flight delay.

14. We haven’t received ___ (any / some) apologies as yet.

15. The company did some ___ (research / researches) of the present market.

16. Did you get much ___ (help / helps) from your adviser?

17. Would you mind ___ (waiting / to wait) for a moment?

18. Our staff has lunch ___ (on / at) 13 o’clock.

19. We (used to go / used go) to the same university when we were 18.

20. The restaurant (used to have / was used to have) fewer seats, but now it has over 300 seats.


III. Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. If you need medical ___ (treatment / deposit) you should go to the local hospital.

2. Mr. Vaat wrote an email to the hotel ___ (complaining / apologizing) about bad service.

3. The company ___ (booked / made) a reservation for their manager at the Rakhat Palace Hotel.

4. While explaining your problem, try not to lose your ___ (purse / temper).

5. Polite and friendly telephone ___ (manners / number) are very important for the position of a receptionist.

6. First of all, this table shows the sales ___ (figures / exhibition) for the last two years.

7. It is very important to finish the project by the given ___ (data / deadline).


IV. Match the word on the left to the correct definition on the right:

1 discount (n) a. a person who buys

2. exhibition (n) b. public show where art or other interesting things are put so that people can look at them

3. customer (n) c. price reduction

4. phase (n) d. to get smaller

5. shrink (v) e. a particular period of time during the development of something

6. freebie (n) f. beautiful and well-designed

7. stylish (adj) g. something provided without charge


V. Make phrases by matching an item on the left with an item on the right.

1. deal a. in yourself

2. have belief b. free samples

3. give away c. with the problem


VI. Match the words on the left with their opposites on the right.

1. domestic (adj) a. fall

2. rise (v) b. reduce

3. increase (v) c. foreign



A motivated workforce is a great business asset that can help you get ahead of the competition. Consider what motivates your staff. This could be the opportunity for new challenges. You may need to create more sociable environment or encourage a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done and recognition by peers. Initially some people may show resistance to change. But this will disappear if you explain why you are changing things and your employees. There are some particular ways you can do this. People enjoy trying to reach a goal or exceed a target. However, goals and targets must be agreed with the employee not imposed from above. There should also be a dear reward associated with achieving the goal. This might be public praise for a job well done, promotion to a more senior role or a pay bonus.

Regular feedback is essential. This could be formal appraisal sessions as well as informal comment on current work and achievements. Criticism should not be avoided if it is necessary. Staff who feel that one individual is getting away with poor performers can quickly become demotivated.

Bonus schemes can be set up in ways that link final pay to individual or team performance. To be effective, goals must be clearly defined, achievable but not too easy and set for specified periods. Bonuses are particularly relevant for sales-related roles. Some employees may be highly motivated by basic pay if there is a high bonus element. In general, staff needs to believe that the salaries paid to themselves and colleagues are fair.


I. Read the article and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false):

1. A motivated workforce can help to attain success.

2. Any achieved goal or target should be rewarded.

3. There is no need to praise for a well done job publicly.

4. Unnecessary criticism should be avoided.

5. Goals and targets are set by the employers; the employees should only implement them.


II. Choose the correct answer:

1. Why is a motivated workforce considered to be a great business asset?

a. Because it can help you get ahead of the competition.

b. Because it can help you get along with your colleagues.

c. Because it can help you feel comfortable.

2. What should be done to motivate the employees?

a. It is necessary to criticize the employees all the time.

b. It is necessary to give the employees extra days-off.

c. It is necessary to create more sociable environment or encourage a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.

3. What is essential for an effective work?

a. Clearly defined and easily achieved goals.

b. It is essential to define clear goals for specified periods.

c. It is essential to set a deadline.

4. Can an employer criticize his employees?

a. No, criticism is prohibited.

b. Yes, criticism should be every day.

c. Yes, criticism should not be avoided if it is necessary.

5. Some employees may be highly motivated ___.

a. if they are given some presents

b. if they are only praised

c. if there is a high bonus element


Ильина Елена Дмитриевна, учитель русского языка

и литературы ГБОУ СОШ № 1 «ОЦ» с. Борское


Не секрет, что создание полноценных, связных текстов является проблемой для многих учеников младшего, среднего, а часто – и старшего звена. Методика мини-сочинения на заданную тему позволяет эффективно решать вопросы связности и целостности текста путем анализа собственных сочинений по некоторым критериям. Небольшой объем сочинения позволяет не запутаться в логике рассуждения (описания или повествования) и более наглядно проследить грамматическую и смысловую связь в тексте. В рамках данного объема ученик самостоятельно проводят анализ формальной грамматической связности и смысловой целостности созданных текстов. Критерии анализа могут быть выбраны учителем.

Анализ формально-грамматических признаков сочинений моих ребят показал, что ученики способны сформировать целостное, композиционно завершенное речевое произведение, в рамках которого все предложения связаны с предыдущим контекстом.

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