Ex. 3. Look at the clocks and write the time.

1. әә.

2. ҡ һә әҙәә ҡң .

3. әә.





I get up at 8 o'clock in the morning. I turn on my favourite music and do my morning exercises. Then I go to the bathroom, take a warm shower, wash myself and dress.

Usually my mother makes breakfast for me.

At 7 oclock I leave home and go to the College. It is rather far from my house and I go there by bus or and go to the nearest underground station.

It takes me an hour and a half to get to the college. As a rule, I come to the College at a quarter to 9. My lessons begin at 9 sharp.

We have from 2 to 4 classes every day. We study different subjects, for example, literature, mathematics, history, chemistry. My favourite subjects are physical training and geography. I spend a lot of time on it, and I usually get good or excellent marks. I enjoy English too. At the lessons we read and translate texts, speak English, answer the teachers questions and sometimes write tests. At 12 oclock we have a long break. I go to the students canteen to have dinner. Classes are over at four. I take my coat and boots from the cloak-room and go home.

Sometimes my mother is already at home and cooks dinner for me. We have dinner together, talk and watch TV. After dinner I rest a little or help my mother about the house: I wash up the dishes, go shopping or tidy the flat.

At 7 oclock I sit down to do my homework. It usually takes me 2 hours. Sometimes I go out in the evening. It depends on the weather and time. When the weather is bad, I stay at home. I always have a shower in the evening. I go to bed at about 10 oclock. n Monday and on Wednesday I go in for swimming. I have a good coach. I like swimming very much.

And still I always look forward to my next day at college because I like to study.


to turn on

todo morning exercises -

to dress-

to leave home

It is rather far from

underground station

It takes me an hour and a half

subject ()

physical training -


canteen -

cloak-room -


Ex. 1. Match the time.

1. Its three oclock. a. 12.35
2. Its a quarter past eight. b. 8.05
3. Its ten thirty. c. 11.25
4. Its five to five. d. 1.58
5. Its nine twenty five. e. 8.15
6. Its twenty-five to eleven. f. 4.55
7. Its two to two. g. 10.35
8. Its eleven twenty-five. h. 9. 25
9. Its five past eight. i. 10.30
10. Its twelve thirty-five. j. 3.00



Ex. 2. What time is it? Write in numbers.

Its seven thirty - .. 6. Its ten past eleven-.

2. Its five to ten - .. 7. Its a quarter to three-

Its one to one - . 8. Its four thirty-five - .

Its a quarter past three - . 9. Its twelve oclock - .

5. Its eight forty-five - 10. Its two fifty-five. -

Ex. 3. Look at the clocks and write the time.

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