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Ex. 4. Look at the pictures and match the pictures with the sentences.


  1. I play computer games.
  2. I have lunch at school.
  3. I do sports after school.
  4. I get up at seven o’ clock.
  5. I take my dog for a walk.
  6. I go to school at 8.30.
  7. I have breakfast at 7.45.
  1. I watch TV in the evening.
  2. I do my homework.
  3. I go to bed at 10.30.
  4. I have dinner at 6 o’clock in the evening.
  5. After dinner I go for a walk.
  6. I come home at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
  7. I help my mother.

Ex. 5.You have many subjects at your timetable. Match the subjects and the things you study on them:

Description of the subject School subjects
Events that happened long ago Art
Figures and mathematical problems Informational Technologies
Foreign words and grammar rules Geography
Plants and animals Literature
You run and jump in the gym History
Stories, novels, poems Mathematics
Mountains, rivers, oceans English
You have papers and pencils, a brush and an eraser. Biology
Computers Physical Education

Ex. 6.Put the following letters in correct order. Find out some of the subjects that you have at college:

H, E, G, L, S, N, I– gives you a chance to visit different countries and to make friends in many parts of the world;

T, S, H, A, M – helps you to calculate how much money you will earn in your future;

T, E, L, A, E, R, U, T, I, R – helps you to live many lives without living home;

T, O, R, H, Y, S, I – makes you a participant of lots of events which happened long ago;

E, Y, H, P, G, O, A, R, G – you can visit different countries without leaving your own city;

Y, S, P, S, I, C, H – you can learn very important laws of discovering of the nature;

A, N, S, R, U, S, I– you can learn to speak and write in your own tongue;

G, Y, I, O, B, O, L– you can learn a lot about animals and plants.

Ex. 7. Answer the questions:

1. When do you get up?

2. What do you do in the morning?

3. What do you usually have for breakfast?

4. When do you leave home?

5. How do you get to college?

6. When do the classes begin?

7. Are you late for classes?

8. Where do you have lunch?

9. Is it delicious?

10. How many lessons do you have?

11. What time do you have a long break?

12. What are your favourite subjects?

13. What do you do at the English lessons?

14. What time are the lessons over?

15. What do you do when you come from college?

16. What do you do in the evening?

17. How long does it take you to do your homework?-сколько времени занимает ……

18. Do you tell your parents about your college life?

19. When do you go to bed?

20. Do you like to study at college?

Ex. 8. Read the phrases and write your own text:

I live far from the college. – Я живу далеко от колледжа.

It takes a long time (some minutes, 10 minutes) to get to the college /to get to the bus-stop. – Дорога занимает много времени (несколько мин.), чтобы добраться до колледжа/ до автобусной остановки.

I live near the college. – Я живу рядом с колледжем.

I always walk to the college. – Я всегда хожу пешком до колледжа.

It takes me some minutes. – Это занимает у меня несколько минут.

I go by bus/ by metro. – Я езжу на автобусе/ на метро.

I go on foot. – Я хожу пешком.

I walk to college. -Я хожу пешком.

I am always busy on weekdays. – Я всегда занят в будни.

I am never late for classes. – Я никогда не опаздываю на уроки.

I prepare breakfast myself. – Я готовлю завтрак сам.

I leave home at 7 o’clock.-Я ухожу из дома в 7 часов.

We have a long break. –У нас есть большая перемена.

I have lunch at the students’ canteen. - Я завтракаю в студенческой столовой.

The food is delicious there. - Еда вкусная там.

We answer the teacher’s questions. –Мы отвечаем на вопросы учителя.

Сlasses are over at 14.05. –Уроки заканчиваются в 14.05.

I go in for swimming. – Я занимаюсь плаванием.

I have a good coach. – У меня хороший тренер.

I come home in the evening. - Я прихожу домой вечером.

It depends on the weather and time. – Это зависит от погоды и времени.

I stay at home.-Я остаюсь дома.

I always take a shower in the evening. – Я всегда принимаю душ вечером.

I talk to my mother and go to bed. – Я разговариваю с мамой и иду спать.

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