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Логическое ударение -- это особое средство выделения какого-либо слова, используемого в качестве интонационного средства противопоставления или усиления. Слово с логическим ударением приобретает значения «именно это, а не то», «именно такой, а не другой» и т. д. Ударение на слове с логическим ударением оказывается настолько сильным, что все стоящие за ним слова до самого конца синтагмы оказываются безударными. Например:

Практически при произнесении каждого предложения может быть столько вариантов логического ударения, сколько в нем слов. Например:

Exercise I.The underlined words are logically stressed. Intone the sentences and read them.

1. Jackie has two sisters. 2. She works indoors all day. 3. She must do it. 4. My sister is twenty. 5. Is Peter's brother a historian? 6. He knows English perfectly. 7. My mother's parents are still alive. 8. She studies at the local comprehensive school. 9. Have you met my wife before? 10. Is Ann going to wear that hat? 11. Must you go now? 12. Has my book been found?

Exercise II.Give all possible variants of logical stress in the following sentences.

1. He can read this text. 2. My mother is always busy. 3. She knows English grammar well. 4. Her mother likes them very much. 5. She owns two cats. 6. They are fond of music. 7. He must do exercise five. 8. She might know him. 9. The students can listen to this text at the laboratory. 10. The first-year students sang a Russian folk song.

Exercise III.Read the sentences according to the situation suggested in brackets.

1. I'm a first-year student (not a second-year student). 2. My sister is a teacher (not your sister). 3. Margaret is almost twenty (not Jackie) 4. He is tall for his age (not short). 5. She knows French well (not English). 6. We met him yesterday (not on Sunday). 7. It is difficult for the girls to find jobs as farm managers (not for boys). 8. Last year she was trained to be a secretary (not last month). 9. She knows him well (not her). 10. Tom had three children (not two). 11. Mary reads English well (not writes).

Exercise IV.Contradict the following statements changing the structure of the sentence according to the model. Concentrate your attention on the position of logical stress.

1. Your friend is a fourth-year student. 2. Jackie's mother is a farmer. 3. Aberdeen University is a new University. 4. Your sister is interested in farming. 5. William is at a local school. 6. Scotland is a flat region. 7. Aberdeen is in England. 8. Jackie is at home on Monday. 9. Jackie lives with four other girls. 10. William has two sisters. 11. You are a doctor.

Exercise V.Read the dialogues and act them out.

1. Elise's Hair Is Green!

С łrr i s: I like your hat, Elise.

E 1 i s e: That isn't my hat, it's my hair.

Chris: Your hair? You can't have hair like that. Elise, it's brilliant green!

E ļ i s e: Old women can dye their hair blue. There are plenty who paint their nails red.

Chris: That's not the same at all. They only stress what nature meant. Green is... green is... I cannot find the words.

Elise: Unnatural — is that what you mean? An appendix operation is, too. And as for transplanting a heart...! And I love all my emerald hair!

Chris: What does Peter think?

Elise: Oh Christopher! Didn't you know? Why, his hair is purple and red!

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