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Level 19 Training test

Доверь свою работу кандидату наук!
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой
1. As ___, he forgot to bring his notebook to school. a. usual b. usually  
2. He speaks neither English __ French. a. or b. nor  
3. ___ do you call that in English? a. How b. What  
4. The teacher explained ___ a. the lesson to the student. b. the student the lesson  
5. He was charged ___ murder. a. with b. for  
6. If I'd got the job I'd ___ in London. a. have lived b. to live c. lived    
7. This is the house I used to ___ a. live b. living c. live in  
8. Sorry, ___ no room, you'll have to find somewhere else to sit. a. it's b. there's c. there has  
9. English food is often considered too ___ for foreigners' tastes. a. plane b. plan c. plain  
10. On hearing the news she burst ___ tears. a. to b. in c. into  
11. My day at the health spa was ___ bliss a. sheer b. merely c. sheerly  
12. There were millions of people around the world ___ the football match live on television. a watched b watching c were watching  
13. Scientists finally ___ find a cure for the disease after years of research. a managed to b can c could  
14. She got a terrible mark in the exam so she ___ very hard at all. a mustn't have worked b can't have worked  
15. ___ this newspaper report, more women smoke than men nowadays. a Apparently b According to c Supposedly  
16. My parents encouraged ___ this course. a me to do b me doing c me do  
17. What will you do if ___ a you don't get a good IELTS score? b you didn't get a good IELTS score? c you won't get a good IELTS score?  
18. A recent government report has warned that ___ we act immediately to reduce pollution, there will be serious consequences for the planet. a provided that b in case c unless  
19. When you write your essays you ___ copy ideas from books without referencing them properly. a mustn't b don't have to c have to  
20. I wish that man ___ tapping his fingers on the table. It's really annoying me. a stopped b had stopped c would stop  
21. Doctors have ___ us to cut down on salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. a insisted b suggested c advised  

1. Translate: 1. Кто владелец этой машины? 2. Собака соседей очень злая. 3. Как зовут девушку, которая живет по соседству? (next door) 4. Такие феномены как этот на протяжении веков интересовали ученых. 5. 25% вина ввозится из Франции. 6. Эти данные были собраны в 20 веке. 7. Она дружелюбно помахала мне. 8. Я не понял, что он говорил. Он говорил не очень ясно (clear/clearly) 9. Я позвал Елену, и она медленно повернулась ко мне лицом.


2. Nouns: Possessive and Compound formsCorrect mistakes if there are any

1 There's a small garden at the back of the house

2 She's always sticking her nose into other peoples' business

3. Agreement between subject and verbDecide which form of the given verb is correct.

1. After hours of discussion, the committee (has, have) been unable to reach an agreement.

2. Rich foods (is, are) one cause of oily skin.

3. Economics (was, were) my sister’s major in college.

4. The jury (has, have) forwarded a complaint about the heat in the deliberation room.

5. (Here’s Here are) more volunteers for the clean-up brigade.

6. The problem at the picnic (was, were) bees.


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