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Dr. Browne, before accepting the position as Chief of the Bureau, made it clearly known to the Secretary that he was not disposed to take any active part in the execution of the Food and Drugs Act. As Chief of the Bureau he, of course, would sign all Bureau orders. He was promised that his wishes in this matter would be respected. In the report of the Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry, published September 1, 1926, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1926, Dr. Browne was able to record the fact that his wish had finally been entirely realized. He says on page 21:

"A reorganization of the regulatory work involved in the enforcement of the Food and Drugs Act, the Tea Inspection Act, and the Naval Stores Act was effected during the year; all such work being placed under the immediate supervision of an assistant chief appointed for the purpose.

Dr. Browne had thus succeeded in securing his freedom from personal attention to the execution of the Food and Drugs Act which had long been his ambition and which had long been promised to him. The Bureau was then in the position he thought it ought to occupy and his duties were left untrammeled by any personal supervision of the enforcement activities. In the very next year after this very desirable condition of affairs was established, the amazing effort was made--and a successful one--to separate entirely the regulatory work of the Food and Drugs enforcement from the Bureau of Chemistry.

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